Mater’s Musing #6: A General Recommendation

Ref: Sydney Morning Herald, 3 Feb 1919, p5


That, as far as possible, the people be encouraged during the course of the epidemic to take all possible advantage of fresh air as a means of increasing the natural resistance to infection, and of lessening the risk of infection, and also to avoid crowds.

6 responses to “Mater’s Musing #6: A General Recommendation”

  1. Muddy Avatar

    That was obviously prior to the immeasurable advance of SupaScience(TM).

  2. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Let’s do the same thing over and over again and see if we get a different result.

  3. Megan Avatar

    This has been insanity since the get go. Push too hard and people begin to push back.
    Knew someone at today’s Melbourne disgraceful Vicplod overreaction. Said crowd was not violent but the police were brutal in their treatment. One companion was pepper sprayed and the other fired at. This is not my Australia, these disgusting police officers are shameful thugs

  4. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    Said crowd was not violent but the police were brutal in their treatment.

    Yes. I was listening to ABC news this morning and they said it was a violent protest. But it actually wasn’t, was it? If the police stood aside and allowed the protesters to protest, we don’t honestly believe they would have smashed windows, robbed stores, knocked people down or set cars on fire, do we?

  5. Filbert Avatar

    Again, if I might respectfully suggest, that these ‘historical documents’ be passed on to Alan Jones who seems to one of the few voices of dissent in the MSM nowadays.
    Same with the 2002/3 SMH Farce Mask clipping.
    History matters.

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