There are still two sides to the debate over vaxxination

The most amazing part about the vaxxines to me is how trusting most people are about governments. I appreciate how difficult it is to get contrary information in the wave of covid terror-tactics that have been applied for the last year and a half, but even so, there are other sources of information that might just possibly make someone a bit hesitant to risk their life and health on a vaxxine based on a risky methodology that has been attempted before but has never succeeded.

With this in mind, let me encourage you to read the following article, Viral Vaccines and the Jabberwock, by David Solway. I will highlight a few excerpts but do encourage you to read it all. It may be a matter of life or death, yours.

We know that medical protocol requires a minimum five-year trial period to validate a vaccine, perhaps more. After less than a year, the product is still in the experimental stage, yet it has been approved for emergency use and may soon be ratified by the FDA.

PCR testing of the asymptomatic population was supposed to be failproof, yet the Ct (Cycle threshold) rates are generally so high as to produce enormous numbers of false positives….

Many state authorities and health officials believe in a “Zero Covid” recovery scenario before mandates and restrictions will be lifted. Yet it now widely known that the virus will be with us indefinitely, like the flu and the common cold….

We were assured that the vaccines would render us immune to the disease. It now turns out that the vaccinated are suffering “breakthrough” cases….

Dr. Daniel Stock, who is a trained immunologist, asks: “Why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective have a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don’t do that?”…

Dr. Stock’s six-minute video has been taken down by YouTube and his claims “factchecked” to death by an innumerable host of politically complicit Internet sites and media shills. Open debate and informed argument are obviously not tolerated in the current repressive milieu….

Distinguished virologists and epidemiologists … have deposed, with considerable evidence, that a condition called Antibody dependent enhancement, which allows the pathogen to invade cells, will render the vaccinated prone to the proliferating emergence of variants….

We are assured that that these elixirs are effective and safe, despite the fact that adverse reactions continue to be reported (or massively underreported). An Open Letter from Doctors for COVID Ethics records a total for the EU/UK/USA of 34,052 vaccine deaths and 5.46 million injuries as of August 1, 2021.

His conclusion:

I firmly believe that the vaccines should not be mandated, whether by government or corporate enterprises, but remain the personal decision of the individual — moreover, an individual who is privy to full disclosure regarding both sides of the debate, a task admittedly growing more and more mercurial under the prevailing rule of media and Internet censorship. Censorship almost always means there is a valid or important argument across the polemical meridian that the authorities and their journalist enablers do not want people to hear. Anything that challenges unexamined beliefs and rattles unsifted confidence must be cancelled.

I am old enough to remember Thalidomide which for my generation was the lesson learned about rushing medications to market. It is an experience that is disappearing from the conscious memories of our communities. We shall soon enough know whether these vaxxines will replace those old memories with some new ones. And if not, virtually no one’s dying from the Covid. You can always get vaxxinated once we know these non-vaccines are safe.

Let me also include another example of overseas’ views about Australia’s approach to dealing with the Covid.

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August 24, 2021 12:09 pm

This looks like a quite comprehensive review article on the vaccines and potential dangers thereof.

I can’t vouch for the journal or the authors, but there is extensive referencing you can check.

Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 Stephanie Seneff1 and Greg Nigh2

ABSTRACT Operation Warp Speed brought to market in the United States two mRNA vaccines, produced by Pfizer and Moderna. Interim data suggested high efficacy for both of these vaccines, which helped legitimize Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. However, the exceptionally rapid movement of these vaccines through controlled trials and into mass deployment raises multiple safety concerns. In this review we first describe the technology underlying these vaccines in detail. We then review both components of and the intended biological response to these vaccines, including production of the spike protein itself, and their potential relationship to a wide range of both acute and long-term induced pathologies, such as blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases. Among these potential induced pathologies, we discuss the relevance of prion-protein-related amino acid sequences within the spike protein. We also present a brief review of studies supporting the potential for spike protein “shedding”, transmission of the protein from a vaccinated to an unvaccinated person, resulting in symptoms induced in the latter. We finish by addressing a common point of debate, namely, whether or not these vaccines could modify the DNA of those receiving the vaccination. While there are no studies demonstrating definitively that this is happening, we provide a plausible scenario, supported by previously established pathways for transformation and transport of genetic material, whereby injected mRNA could ultimately be incorporated into germ cell DNA for transgenerational transmission. We conclude with our recommendations regarding surveillance that will help to clarify the long-term effects of these experimental drugs and allow us to better assess the true risk/benefit ratio of these novel technologies.
Keywords: antibody dependent enhancement, autoimmune diseases, gene editing, lipid nanoparticles, messenger RNA, prion diseases, reverse transcription, SARS-CoV-2 vaccines

August 24, 2021 12:17 pm

Was talking to one of the young engineers at work about how frequently the medical establishment fucked up.

Give me an example?

Thalidomide, just google it and click on images.

Oh shit…..

Had never heard of it.

August 24, 2021 1:35 pm

Thalidomide, and more recently items like Vioxx.

Check out the list. Some of these killed 100’s of thousands of people:

.. and who knew that Dr. William McBride who kicked off the Thalidomide alarm, was one of the big proponents of the drug in Australia ? I don’t think that sullies his name, but its an interesting factoid.

Leon L
Leon L
August 24, 2021 6:59 pm
August 25, 2021 2:41 pm

So how do we explain Donald Trump recommending taking the vaccine. Surely he would have this information and being booed at the rally in Alabama must surely have given him pause. He appeared to think the booing was a freedom of choice issue as opposed to a problem with the vax.

  1. Jacksonians are skeptical of big business, hate the political and social establishment, and demand “common sense” solutions to complex problems. …

  2. Trump setting the right tone, LOL. He never stops whining. He will make it all about himself, how much of…

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x