Getting our priorities right

Political leaders in democracies seldom lead but almost invariably follow. This is from Instapundit, which is following an international trend to laugh at Australia and Australians, but I wish we were not so clearly following a lead set elsewhere.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: This news clip from Australia is unbelievably dystopian (video).

1984: A warning for the rest of us, a how-to guide for the left. And a whole lot of people in Australian government need to be asking themselves: Are we the baddies?

There is also this: Australia’s Federal Treasurer Admits He Wants a Net Zero by 2050 Commitment. Does he know better? Why would he care even if he did? Here is the lead statement at the link:

Just in case you thought the politician in charge of Australia’s financial stability has a clue, the following interview with the Guardian should settle any doubts.

Ok, Covid is a scam just like global warming. But we didn’t start it, we are just going along with the rest of you. It’s not us who are the idiots, if you ask me, but the rest of the world. You want to know our priorities, see below:

I’d rather be in Melbourne than New York.

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  1. Dot Avatar

    Papers please…for a vaccine against 1 out of 100+ viruses that cause the common world.

    Make no mistake, this is clown world.

  2. srr Avatar

    Yes, “I’d rather be in Melbourne than New York.”.

    Especially as I see The GLOBAL Narrative SETTERS all working their arses off to scare everyone out of & away from Australia, even though it had long been super totalitarian in the other countries now mocking us.

    Not only totalitarian but also plagued with more actual, real plague, rabes, just plain horrible & slow killing diseases, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, head lopping Jihadis, MS13 who skin people alive, and on & on the rest of the world’s list of everything actually trying to kill you, goes.
    What nice little pockets exist, only exist as far as other not so nice places supply them with what they don’t have domestically.

    We just have bloody stupid/evil Govt to worry about, The SAME as EVERYWHERE Else and even with all America’s Constitutional Protections, it’s still bloody good at willingly marching itself down Global Nazi Highway, meanwhile we can just raise the drawbridge and … especially with being so low dosed with the Killer Jabs and Ivermectin etc now being allowed … LIVE.

    Sorry, it’s a very shorthand view of a hugely big picture but one I’m not alone in seeing, after all, America isn’t the single largest investor in Australia for nothing; I’m sure the smart half who escape their failed experiment of a country will have also seen to beefing up our big toy defences to.

  3. FlyingPigs Avatar

    questions I’d like answered:-

    How do we know that they can tell the difference between Covid-19, and variants, and the normal Covid Influenza varieties?

    With 2 winter seasons now virtually passed, the concentrated urbanization of the vast majority of the Australian population, the number of people that have arrived in Australia since March 2020 then how do ‘they’ and we not believe that most of us have been exposed to covid-19 and variants already?

    What are the number of business closures and applications for bankruptcy in comparison to the norm?

    How does the Age distribution of Deaths differ during these Days of Covid-19 to the long term norm?

    Which Politicians, Public Servants, Media and their families have investments in the Covid-19 and variants Vaccine originators, manufacturers and distributors?

  4. Gabor_not_ Sári Avatar
    Gabor_not_ Sári

    FlyingPigs says:
    August 30, 2021 at 2:29 am
    talked to a few people about that recently, and the answer is, according to them is the mask, social distance and lockdown.

    It works a treat against everything bu Covid, I kid you not, they honestly believe it.

  5. win Avatar

    Piggy at 2.29 am.
    The Daily Mail in its daily list of subjects to trash mentions Ivermectin as a horse wormer. Check out Ivermectin as a cancer drug treatment in humans.

  6. miltonf Avatar

    Fraudenberg living up to his name. Waste of space is being too kind.

  7. Dot Avatar

    common world –> common cold

  8. srr Avatar

    FlyingPigs says:
    August 30, 2021 at 2:29 am
    questions I’d like answered:-

    How do we know …


    From go to a still stupidly far off whoa, EVERYTHING has been lied about, ‘confused’, ‘errors’ made & STRONGLY Disputed by actual experts at bio-lab & medical-frontline levels.

    The ONLY consistency, Globally, has been training us to ‘behave’ as Ordered or SUFFER as so many around the world have been SHOWN to suffer, Socially, Financially, Physically, having good names & businesses ruined and PUBLIC MSM CALLS FOR THE DEATHS of Those Who do NOT COMPLY.

    All the bouncing figures around ‘the science’ (as with the weather BS), are just evil, rabid squirrels sent to confuse & worry the majority & that “well intentioned” people who, “like to know” what they’re talking about before they share THEIR “well formed” OPINION, EVERYWHERE, use to “justify” all the, ‘FOLLOW THE ORDERS’, BAD ORDERS THEY PUSH.

  9. Zatara Avatar

    I’d rather be in Melbourne than New York.

    Perhaps, but at least New Yorkers have a choice in the matter.

  10. bobby b Avatar
    bobby b

    “I’d rather be in Melbourne than New York.”

    Aim higher. I’d rather have liver failure than prostate cancer, but . . .

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