“There is no scientific evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines improve the health of the individual”

While there is plenty of evidence that these vaxxines do harm. Articles such as this one are suppressed to the fullest extent possible: US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”. Here are the final two paras of what is a quite long but very readable article.

There is an old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This saying can be applied to the COVID-19 mass immunization program. The US anthrax attack of 2001, which originated at US army is Fort Detrick, has demonstrated that there are people in the US government who desire to attack US citizens with bioweapons [10]. According to the chief FBI agent leading the investigation of the US anthrax attack, conspirators were likely not apprehended in part because the investigation was prematurely ended and prior to stopping the investigation, people at the top of the FBI deliberately tried to sabotage the investigation [11]. In the US anthrax attack of 2001, people high in the US government publicly anticipated the anthrax attack as early as 1999 [10].

Similarly with the COVID-19 attack, people high in government anticipated the COVID-19 attack [12,13] several years before the attack took place [10]. There is even data that an effort was made in 2018 to protect certain populations against COVID-19 by immunizing them with MMR vaccine [14]. In such a hostile government environment, the citizens need to individually evaluate the science of immunization with COVID-19 vaccines and not rely on philosophical arguments propagated by government officials. In this case there is no scientific evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines improve the health of the individual, much less of the population as a whole. Mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines is certainly leading to a catastrophic public health event

And there is other evidence that they may actually do harm.

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Shy Ted
Shy Ted
August 31, 2021 9:17 pm

Can’t wait for Scott Cam’ new ad – “The Covid 19 shot we urged you to get in the Our Jab ad has affected us all. That’s why we’re asking you to tell ScoMo to give me another $300,000 to make a new ad urging you not to get the jab. The ad will be called Not Our Jab and will feature numerous celebrities who never got the first jab urging you not to get the jab. For Australia. We’re al in this together. Excpet those who got the jab”.

August 31, 2021 9:30 pm

Just quietly biding my time waiting for this mass psychosis to pass……

August 31, 2021 10:09 pm

In the interest of keeping our arguments plausible it would appear the author of this research paper is a bit of a nut job.

John H.
John H.
August 31, 2021 10:46 pm

An open access journal with a total of 4 published articles, an impact factor of .85, and produced by a recognised predatory publisher.

September 1, 2021 12:54 pm

“There is no scientific evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines improve the health of the individual”

But there is plenty of proof that it your harms health

Angus Black
Angus Black
September 2, 2021 9:32 am

What is worth a look, in this context, is the work of Aaby and Benn which is widely published, top journals, over decades.

Aaby noticed, during an intervention with the measles vaccine in W Africa that overall mortality dropped by a jaw dropping 50% in the target population…and this “good news story” began studies into the NSE (non-specific effects) of vaccines.

Interesting outcomes include – the effect (which is not always positive) seems more marked in females; the effect tends to be positive after inoculation with a weakened live virus, negative with a killed virus; the last vaccination given seems to have the largest NSE.

In essence, though, the take away from this (huge) area of research, never discussed in the ordinary public fora, is that studies of vaccine effectiveness which focus the the specific disease being vaccinated for are incomplete, misleading, inadequate. To properly understand the consequences of a vaccination programme, it is necessary to study all-causes morbidity and mortality.

I guess the drug companies would prefer not to do the work which is really necessary.

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