A study in cynicism and the modern world

Here’s the actual title, Diary of an Acclimatised Beauty: Treating, but it really is a study in cynicism and the modern world. Here is the passage that first caught my eye, just in case you were wondering why there are so many covid cases in the US.

American hospitals are actually paid 20 percent more for a coronavirus diagnosis and therefore ‘you can rest assured they are telling people to ‘put it on the DRG‘ which he explained is some code for getting the highest reimbursement from the government. The reimbursement didn’t make that much sense to me as I well understood the U.S. was not all on one shared government programme but he further explained that since Covid, there were nearly no private hospitals anymore; and that everyone had become dependent on the government dollar. He also explained it was the same for anyone getting a Covid test, and although I’d already interacted with a dozen or so hospital employees—they would indeed test me for Covid before I left.

It’s a fascinating article on so many levels. This bit is from close to the end.

‘I’m really not happy about a conversation I just had about the business model of a hospital, and I thought I was getting better care in the U.S., than from the National Health.’

‘You probably are.’ Daddy said, ‘But it is a business, and not a very successful one either. Most hospitals are losing money, so there’s an incentive to lie about the diagnosis. Even a positive coronavirus test while treating your eye injury will mean they can bill for 20 percent more so if you want to do them a favour why don’t you tell them you have symptoms of flu.’

‘I’m serious, Daddy.’

‘As am I.’

It’s the way of the world.

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  1. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    And all based on a discredited test. Fraud, pure and simple. And that’s the least of the crimes.

  2. Daisy Avatar

    DRG’s and ICD codes is how hospitals in Australia are funded by the government and private health insurance. So this does not surprise me. I can imagine that Australian hospitals would also get extra funding for a COVID diagnosis.

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