Guest Post: mem – “We have come too far to go back now”

I read a press statement from Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, “We have come too far to go back now”(21/09/2021) which included in it a paragraph comprised of only one sentence; “We have come too far to turn back now”.

My first reading of the statement was that Andrews is saying that regardless of what happens and what it costs we will maintain our direction. Then I read it as a call to arms, to go forward regardless of the consequences, hold with me brothers, forward into battle, it will be glorious.  Then I thought maybe it was a  Burke and Wills type statement, we are lost but better to die walking forward than go back!

As a Victorian resident who is pretty tuned into current affairs, I have to say I have absolutely no idea where Daniel Andrews is going and where this state is headed. So how can I judge whether it is better to go forwards or backwards. There are no goals, no objectives and no measurements.

A day after that statement, Andrews slapped unprecedented restrictions on media coverage of the CMFEU/ freedom protests in the city.  These restrictions were quashed by the courts today, just 24 hours later. This shemozzle has now taken precedence in the social media but has been barely reported in the MSM.

Meantime possibly the most important political development in this state has occurred with the release late yesterday of documents sought 4 years ago under FOI by the opposition party, revealing Daniel Andrews’ covert involvement in CCP Belt and Road initiates on behalf of this state.

Hopefully those involved in social media will now take up this issue even if it is buried by the MSM.

What comes next? I don’t know, but we the people, according to Daniel Andrews have come too far to go back.

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  1. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    We have come too far to turn back now

    That’s a message to his Pharasatanic leaders to give them confidence he will keep pushing their agenda.

  2. Plasmamortar Avatar

    Being charged with treason is what should come next…

    Unfortunately someone in the right place would need to grow a spine for that to happen…

  3. OldOzzie Avatar

    Sent to my local MPs, Latham, Christensen, Liberal Party of Australia

    Is this What Australia has become? – 11 Secs of Brutality by Victorian Police – Re: Andrew Bolt: Daniel Andrews turns Victoria into police state

    Vale My Country

  4. Lee Avatar

    I particularly noted that comment by Dictator Dan recently.
    Among other things, it is the sign of a very unbending man, even when circumstances change.

  5. Kaos55 Avatar

    As a Victorian resident who is pretty tuned into current affairs, I have to say I have absolutely no idea where Daniel Andrews is going and where this state is headed.

    I do. We are heading straight into the hands of the Globalist. The Great Reset framework is ready to be applied where ever the Globalist see an opportunity. The Western world is tethering. Some nations are barely holding up, others are imploding. Nationally, Australia is lead by a pathetic charlatan and a government with no vision, intelligence or courage. The State leaders, most of which are vicious and nasty Machiavellians, have seized the opportunity to terrify and squeeze their people.

    Andrews who is pure evil, leads the pack, and has set the foundations for the Globalists to hook their rules and control into Victoria. They will use it as a beach head to secure the whole of Australia. Andrews is an enthusiastic participant in this process.

    This is the MO, they use: ‘compliant leaders’ around the world as operatives to prepare the way… It will continue around the world, unless the people wake up and stop this before it’s too late.

    You think this is some kind of wacky ‘conspiracy theory’? Go back to late 2019, and imagine describing the path the world leaders would take, and how everyone complied, and the where we are now. Everyone will think you are nuts and what you described wouldn’t even pass as a b-grade movie.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    “We have come too far to go back now”

    Lemmings all say that too.

  7. feelthebern Avatar

    Always have a stop-loss.

  8. Zipster Avatar

    Daniel Andrews’ covert involvement in CCP Belt and Road initiates on behalf of this state.

    the overwhelming allure of a chinese honey pot

  9. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    “We have come too far to go back now.”

    Sounds like a WW I general in around 1916 or 1917. We need to resurrect John Monash to save Victoria from LockDan’s stupidity and general pig-headedness.

  10. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Lemmings. Made me laugh, Bruce. Better than weeping, because that is the alternative.
    Glad I don’t live in Victoria, but when I last looked I did live in Australia, and this is now a nation that I hardly recognise, given what is going on in Victoria, and the comments, such as in the Australian today, by Victorian Katrina Grace Kelly that pff’d away the protests as ‘an unreasonable cohort in our hyper-connected modern democracy’. Narcissists all, she declares. Politics for this woman simply don’t come into it.

    Well, pfft to her, I say.

  11. Rabz Avatar

    I have absolutely no idea where Daniel Andrews is going and where this state is headed

    Into tyranny and CCP satrapy. Which those existing under it will (eventually) have to rebel.

    Are they capable of this?

    Are we capable of this? I talk a good game, but of late I’ve been feeling like little more than a sad broken coward existing in a (not so) gilded cage. My ol’ man would be ashamed of me (again) and I wouldn’t blame him.

  12. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    Dan’ security detail can fix this in a moment.

  13. RacerX Avatar

    From a Premier who shuts down all public transport, organises road blocks with $5k fines for those heading into the city to protest, the threat of $5k fines for anyone who makes it into the city and then has the hide to stand in front of the media and says its only a small minority protesting when a couple of thousand take the risk and do march. The compliant media nod in agreement and frame those standing for freedom in the worst light possible. We’ve never been so stuffed.

  14. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    Great post, mem.

    What’s the “we” in this?

    There has never been any “we” in any of this; there has only ever been “them” and “us.” This is how the premiers have played this politidemic all along. Melbourne and indeed the whole of Victoria is divided and has been almost since this crap began when those who have been denied their basic rights were thrown over by the ones who retained theirs. So, too, throughout the whole of Australia.

    Apart from his “misstep” on some questionable steps, Daniel Andrews and his world have gone nowhere to have to come back from if necessary. It’s all spin with the rest of the state paying the price.

  15. Whalehunt Fun Avatar
    Whalehunt Fun

    I am available for jury duty on a treason trial, but only if I do not have to HANG about while sentence is carried out. I like jury duty. The food is always good and free. Yum.

  16. 132andBush Avatar

    ‘I am in blood / Stepped in so far, that, should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o’er’

    H/T Bill Shakespeare

  17. Thefrollickingmole Avatar

    So Dan is reduced to using his fathers line at his contraception then?

  18. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Doubling down on stupid. What could possibly go wrong?

  19. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Rowen Dean got it right on Outsiders this morning.

    J’accuse, I accuse Daniel Andrews of being unfit for office and to immediately resign.

    He also went on the accuse Scomo, Liberal Party, Labor Party, the Unions of all failing in their duties.

    Well said sir.

  20. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    “We have come too far to go back now.”

    Echoes of Shrillary’s supposed comment in 2016: “If he wins, we all hang.”

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