Guest Post: mem – Getting Ready for Glasgow

Winter Landscape with Bird Trap, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1565

The overview schedule for the COP26 which is to be held in Glasgow in the first two weeks of November 2021 has been released so participants can prepare for the various workshops.

‘COP’ refers to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (‘UNFCCC’), which is the peak decision-making body for the world’s climate change commitments.

The ‘26’ signifies that this is the 26th Conference of the Parties. They usually happen annually, though COP26 was delayed by a year due to COVID19. 

Basically, COP26 will be a 2 week-long series of conferences, talks and discussions between global leaders to discuss their climate commitments and work out ways for coordinating efforts to combat climate change. Representatives from local governments, NGOs and media will also be attending although Covid19 travel restrictions may cause many plans to change.

The stand out in the schedule is how many times the word “gender” appears. Indeed one could believe that gender was just as important as climate. Indigenous communities and developing nations get a good mention too. Then there are some real outliers such as “fashion and climate” and “sport and climate”. A “Just Economy” also features.

Maybe the world isn’t really warming and they have had to fluff out the agenda to seem relevant? Or maybe it’s not really about science at all.

I’m unable to determine who will be attending officially from Australia.

Last time I was in Glasgow in late autumn it was bitterly cold and windy. The pubs and the people were warm and friendly though.

PS. The BOM have released Australia’s temperature statement for 2020-2021. Note that even though most of the continent in physical size has warmed less than 1.0C when averaged out by the BOM we are recorded as being 1.01°C warmer than the 1961–1990 average for Australia as a whole. 

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: mem – Getting Ready for Glasgow”

  1. Just checking: are the people who are wailing and gnashing their teeth that ex-PM Tony Abbott should have the utter gall to travel to Taiwan also the ones who are squealing with delight that ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull will be attending COP26?

  2. I am reminded of something said a very long time ago;

    “Smart people learn from everything and everyone,
    Average people from their experiences,
    Stupid people already have all the answers”

    COP26, indeed all their silly meetings fall straight into the STUPID people category.
    The tragedy is of course with exception 6-7 Federal or State politicians, every single pollie, public servant, so-called NGO, supposed business people along with a fair percentage of the general population ALL fall into the STUPID category.

    Socrates also said; “To find YOURSELF, think for YOURSELF”

  3. cuckoo;

    you can guarantee it, if you were into betting you would be on a winner.

  4. The pubs and the people were warm and friendly though.

    Until someone goes ‘Och, Jimmy!’ and breaks your nose with an unannounced head butt.

  5. “…we are recorded as being 1.01°C warmer than the 1961–1990 average for Australia as a whole. ”
    Very accurately phrased mem. Key words there are “recorded as”. Just like in a cricket report when they say a batsman ” was adjudged out lbw” everyone knows exactly what’s meant.

  6. we are recorded as being 1.01°C warmer than the 1961–1990 average for Australia as a whole.

    And the ice age scare was smack bang in the middle of that period.

    The biggest reason it’s warmer than in 1975 is the ~60 year cycle, which was at bottom in about 1974 and peak around 2005 or so half a cycle later. This is clear as crystal in the AMO, and is also pretty clear in the Pacific too – this article by David Archibald recently covered the latter.

    Since almost all of the temperature rise in the period BoM is moaning about is due to natural processes there’s absolutely nothing that we need to do. Certainly not destroy our economy for no reason.


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