Unvaxxer’s Soliloquy

Recently, sipping a takeaway coffee in light rain, getting wetter by the minute, barred from local cafes where mingled the personae gratae, I pondered how it had come to this. Spurned by civil society. I’d paid my taxes and (thankfully) never had to line up for handouts. Paid into the health system many multiples of the cost of treatment I’ve received. Also, take my word for it, I’ve never committed a criminal offence. I even attend church. And more discrimination: hymn singing behind masks has just been allowed but only for the vaxxed. Muted by Perrottet.

Why not just get vaccinated? I’m asked, by well-meaning people. Truth be told, I was never particularly anti this vax at the start. I just thought it had been rushed and I didn’t need it. I’m fairly healthy for my age, not weighty, and made the calculation.

I thought, and think, it’s fine if adults who feel at risk from the virus decide to be vaccinated. Their choice. But now I’m getting stubborn. This awful coercion by governments is insufferable and worse still are those creepy TV advertisements with know-nothing nonentities exhorting me to do the right thing.

I’ve said to friends that I will eventually get vaxxed. I want to travel before I get much older. I’m waiting for Novavax, which apparently is closer to traditional vaccines than are the others. I think?

Now, the whole thing has become wrapped in politics. I’ll feel as though I’ve capitulated by getting vaxxed; to boot, will have let the side down. And, to add to it all, I’ve started to throw up when Perrottet comes on the news (as per watching a Q&A episode). Give me a bare-faced commie any day than a two-faced sell-out conservative.

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Bar Beach Swimmer
November 8, 2021 8:03 pm

Peter, that’s exactly how I feel about Perrottet. I am waiting for Novavax as is the other half.

No table serve for me for a while yet. Nor my monthly trip to the hairdresser, but I see it as a chance to work toward a new hairstyle!

When the place opens up for the leper class I may even decide that I won’t be helping the government to rebuild what they’ve torn down.

Mak Siccar
Mak Siccar
November 8, 2021 8:26 pm

Peter, I’m in exactly the same position as you, with the possible exception that, in my case, Mrs Mak Siccar has just has her second dose of AZ. Needless to say, things are quite tense in our house from time to time, exacerbated by having close friends who are a Physician and ED nurse couple. I, too, may succumb to the Novavax needle but I suspect that the grubbermint may not permit it to be used as a first dose. Time will tell.

Tintarella di Luna
Tintarella di Luna
November 8, 2021 8:26 pm

Nor my monthly trip to the hairdresser, but I see it as a chance to work toward a new hairstyle!

Bar Beach Swimmer — I cut my own hair -all I did was cut off the coloured bits and I have a style and colour not unlike Maye Musk’s – needs must.

November 8, 2021 8:36 pm

Give me a bare-faced commie any day than a two-faced sell-out conservative.

Yep. The Liberals must be destroyed.

November 8, 2021 8:42 pm

I’m waiting for Novavax as well, but in the interim, if I lose my job, which is likely. They can go and fuck themselves, I won’t take any of their BS vaccines.

Fuck Australian Politicians, what a bunch of fucking dogs.

November 8, 2021 8:43 pm

This awful coercion by governments is insufferable and worse still are those creepy TV advertisements with know-nothing nonentities exhorting me to do the right thing.

I’ve said to friends that I will eventually get vaxxed. I want to travel before I get much older. I’m waiting for Novavax, which apparently is closer to traditional vaccines than are the others.


Bar Beach Swimmer
November 8, 2021 9:12 pm

Tinta, I wouldn’t trust myself to cut my own hair and there’s no one here if I wanted assistance. If it gets too bad I could shave it all off I suppose though it might scare off the other half.

Or I could go the route of that stupid Fitzsimmons and wear a headscarf, though these days that invites confusion with adherents of a certain faith.

Oh, to be living in the 50s or 60s and to jump into a convertible – a British racing green supercharged Bentley – with headscarf on for protection of the bouffant, a-la Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. Unfortunately, that’s not a plan to work toward.

So I think it’ll have to be to continue to wear a baseball hat when going out; nowadays with nowhere to go other than a walk up at the beach, I’m only ever in my “active wear,” so it won’t look out of place.

Bar Beach Swimmer
November 8, 2021 9:14 pm

Rick, good use of the “F” word.

Miss Anthropist
Miss Anthropist
November 8, 2021 9:38 pm

The more the coercion the more positive I was that the frankenvaxxes are dangerous.
As far as pairoftits giving me another 2 weeks restriction of privilege well the Lord says vengeance is his. When vaxxies start dropping like flies who’ll be laughing then? Shouldn’t have put such unholy shit in your bodies.
I pity you fools.

Tintarella di Luna
Tintarella di Luna
November 8, 2021 9:44 pm

Bar Beach Swimmer I’d offer to help with the haircut — I had the nod from my hairdresser, I sent her a photo of my self-administered do and she asked if I could help her out now that the vaxxed can get their ‘dos’ done but alas I am a leper.

Old School Conservative
Old School Conservative
November 8, 2021 9:54 pm

Oh, to be living in the 50s or 60s and to jump into a convertible – a British racing green supercharged Bentley – with headscarf on for protection of the bouffant

BBS, just don’t do an Isadora Duncan.

Rob MW
Rob MW
November 8, 2021 10:17 pm

My 23 yr old daughter’s story as told by her Dad. (long story short)

On 6th September my 23 yr old daughter, a full time fit and hard working Mum of a very energetic 2 yr old, lined up at a pop-up army run clinic to receive her first first Pfizer jab, both to do “the right thing” and as required by her employer at that time.

Within roughly 5 minutes of receiving the Pfizer vaccine she started vomiting uncontrollably and convulsing on the floor. For some unknown reason an army nurse rushed to her aid injecting her with Adrenalin and placing her behind a screen away from her partner. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital with severe breathing and chest pain problems.

The hospital discharged her later that night still with severe breathing and chest pain issues and told to see her GP in the morning. Unable to lay down, due to a complete inability to breath in that position and still with severe chest pain she sat upright all night.

She saw her GP first thing the next morning (7 Sept) who immediately readmitted her to hospital. It was then decided to fly her to a major hospital either in Dubbo or Orange for tests to determine what had happened. Unfortunately that never happened under the ruse that there were no hospital beds available and again she was discharged later that night. Her GP was ropable.

Her GP then organized an emergency appointment with a Cardiologist in Dubbo for 9 Sept. Her partner drove her Dubbo, stopping several times for my daughter to vomit on the side of the road. Following all the tests including blood tests to determine the severity she was diagnosed with Myocarditis and prescribed Naprosyn SR 750 mg and Sozol 40 mg for heartburn caused by the Naprosyn.

At this point this is when NSW Health injected its self into the equation with the very first words out of a non-medically trained official telling my daughter and her doctors that firstly Myocarditis can lay dormant for over 2 decades, and that in any event, it would be hard for my daughter or her doctors to prove that the Pfizer vaccine caused the condition. For me, her father, that was the money quote. The intimidation and coercion from NSW Health towards my daughter and her doctors is nothing short of disgusting of the first order.

To this very day my daughter still has severe chest pain and very much reduced breathing capacity, she can hardly make a bed or put a load a washing on and has constant, never letting up, stabbing chest pain. At this point in time her doctors have informed her that this is about as good as it is going to get for the rest of her life and to expect at least several severe attacks each year for the rest of her life.

She has been denied a medical exemption from the second shot from NSW Health and in all likely hood she will lose what little of her job that she has left, down from full time to 4 hrs, 3 days a week.

In my opinion, mRNA Covid vaccines should be immediately withdrawn and the TGA and enabling political process that allowed these dubious medical vaccine treatments should go straight to a Royal Commission for investigation.

My final thought, fuck NSW Health, disgusting pricks.

Bar Beach Swimmer
November 8, 2021 10:22 pm

Old school,
Good advice!

Chris M
Chris M
November 8, 2021 10:40 pm

The more frantically the false prophet media and government beast pushes this the worse I’m realizing it must be. It’s a safe and reliable life principle to choose the opposite to what the media demand to to assume the exact opposite may be true.

Novavax, Covax-19 and Valneva will almost certainly be safer when administered. Not much interest in efficacy as we know that isn’t a thing with the current choices.

But the other aspect is no matter how safe the above three drugs may be they are all chucking a spike protein into you one way or another which in itself is a toxin once distributed throughout the body. Meaning there will always be some inherent degree of risk once at administration and later via dispersal. The spike protein is the significant part of the SarsCov2 disease after all. Intramuscular injection for a respiratory disease is a bit ludicrous and never likely to work well according to the old school scientists like Professor Edward Steele, seems he is likely correct.

The not very bright Marcus
The not very bright Marcus
November 8, 2021 10:59 pm

I am enjoying my stoic time as a leper and flaunt my martyrdom at my vaxxed mates .. Although under the current Dandemic down here I shall go from being a contributor to society ,both financially and through community work to being a burden and recipient of welfare. ….all without a sniffle

November 8, 2021 11:03 pm

but I suspect that the grubbermint may not permit it to be used as a first dose

That will be telling if they do that. I think that freedom of information [or whatever we have here in the states] requests are going to HAVE to be used to swamp the govt until such time as they let the sunshine in. I’m sure that once the government changes [inevitable] the previous oppo party will be dumb enough to show and tell in the hopes of making themselves look good and above the shitfight we’re in.


November 8, 2021 11:07 pm

a British racing green supercharged Bentley

Don’t know about Isadora – but it was James Bond’s only real love…


November 9, 2021 12:10 am

The violation of just about every code in the book regarding coercion by our betters, who are mandating that you have to take an experimental medication, otherwise you will lose your livelihood, has to be the hill to die on for any liberal (in the traditional sense) minded individual. For any logical thinking and informed person, the reasons for this stance are quite simple:

1. The “vaccines” have only “provisional approval” use via the TGA, ie were it not for the Public Health Emergencies currently declared throughout Australia, the “vaccines” would not have attained any form of “approval” status.

2. First world vaccine surveillance systems (US VAERS, UK MHRA, EU EudraVigilance) show catastrophic adverse events and deaths from the “vaccines”, outnumbering all previously reported vaccine adverse events combined by an order of magnitude.

3. The “vaccines” are non sterilising, i.e. they do not limit infection or retransmission (proven via multiple official govt data from all over the globe).

4. If the “vaccines” were truly vaccines, how can the unvaxxed be a threat to the vaxxed?

5. Given 3 above is a fact, “vaccine” mandates and associated medical apartheid have no standing in a true court of law (nor should they have according to the Australian Constitution, but that is another matter for future debate) .

The data (from overseas, eg the UK and Israel) suggests that the vaxxed are now more likely to become infected than the unvaxxed. This opens up a whole new can of worms, and leads to the following immunological issues that are being debated throughout the alternative (i.e. true) media spectrum:

OAS (Original Antigenic Sin)
Lack of “N” antibodies post vax infection
ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement)

If any of the foregoing become remotely prevalent amongst the vaxxed, we have truly dark times ahead of us.

I am of English extraction, and have double vaxxed relatives and friends who have been infected. I also have unvaxxed friends who have also been infected. None to my knowledge have been hospitalised, and most certainly none have died as a consequence of their infection. The point being, for almost anyone who possesses any semblance of rational thought, is that COVID 19 is a relatively benign disease for the overwhelming majority of any given population base.

On any given metric throughout this totally fake pandemic, TPTB have comprehensively failed to serve those that empowered them to do so. Every single Federal and State Parliamentarian needs to be held to account for this most shambolic, and shameful period in Australian history.

Mark M
Mark M
November 9, 2021 5:54 am

The covid-19 “vaccine” is the first product in the history of the world where its failure is blamed on the people who haven’t used it …


So healthy people who don’t have the disease are giving it to people who are ‘immunised’ from the disease.

It’s not long now until the “fully vaxxed” are reduced to yellow star status until 3rd jab.
Or fourth jab.
Or ongoing jabs every 4/6 months until 2024 or when the experts know more, according to Pharmacy Guild.

Irrespective of the name of the experimental medicine, or how long the fascists force me to wear a yellow star, it’s not for me.

Bruce of Newcastle
Bruce of Newcastle
November 9, 2021 6:10 am

I’m waiting for Novavax, which apparently is closer to traditional vaccines than are the others. I think?

Covaxin was given emergency approval by WHO last week. It’s a conventional killed-virus vaccine, and appears to be ethically OK. It’s already been in use in India and other countries, several hundred million doses being given out so far.

UK to recognise Covaxin from Nov 22; US welcomes inclusion of Bharat Biotech vaccine in WHO-approved list (9 Nov)

Now up to ScoMo and the TGA to get their boots on and approve it for use here.

November 9, 2021 6:10 am


Awful story on every level. I don’t know what else to say only that an awful lot of people are on the path to learning a very hard lesson in a most dreadful manner.

Here in the Netherlands I am seeing very strange medical complaints amongst friends and colleagues who have been vaxxed. These are people in their 20s and 30s in otherwise good health. To some of them I urged them not to get the vaxx but they did it for convenience’s sake. To a man they will not take any additional boosters. I feel no urge to say I told you so. I take no pleasure from being right, yet again.

Ed Case
Ed Case
November 9, 2021 6:11 am

Remember Operation Warp Speed?
Thanks for nothing, Trump.

Tintarella di Luna
Tintarella di Luna
November 9, 2021 6:23 am

Rob MW – words fail – hoping and praying for you and your daughter and her family, what can be done, so she’s been given a life sentence for ‘doing the right thing’ – there must be accountability for what is happening.

Ed Case
Ed Case
November 9, 2021 6:38 am

I can only remember getting 2 vaxxes- the Hong Kong Flu vax in 1969 and some other vax in 1966.
After that one, I lost all hearing in my left ear and developed Allergic Rhinitis, which i’ve still got.
Taking any Vax is like a Reverse Lottery- you might walk away unscathed, but I don ‘t like your chances.

Mark M
Mark M
November 9, 2021 7:36 am

Operation Warpspeed was President Trump’s response to demands for a big pharma response.
His initial response was cheap anti virals which he took himself and recommended.

And what of Swampy Joe’s response back then …

“Biden warned against trying to rush out an unfinished vaccine ahead of the Nov.3 elections.”


November 9, 2021 8:04 am

Peter agree re Perrottet and the Liberal Party

My Female hairdresser is a bouncy happy person and is happy to cut my hair as an “Unclean” – knowing my medical history, she is more concerned about infecting me rather than the other way round

Pfizer seems to control Liberal ScoMo, NSW Liberal Ruby Princess Health Minister Brad Hazzard

Sent the following to a number of MPs

CDC Emails: Our Definition of Vaccine is “Problematic”

CDC: Problematic Vaccine? No, Problematic Definition of Vaccine.

Techno Fog Nov 3

The CDC caused an uproar in early September 2021, after it changed its definitions of “vaccination” and “vaccine.” For years, the CDC had set definitions for vaccination/vaccine that discussed immunity. This all changed on September 1, 2021.

The prior CDC Definitions of Vaccine and Vaccination (August 26, 2021):

Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.

The CDC Definitions of Vaccine and Vaccination since September 1, 2021:

Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.

People noticed. Representative Thomas Massie was among the first to discuss the change, noting the definition went from “immunity” to “protection”.

Internal CDC E-Mails

CDC emails we obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveal CDC worries with how the performance of the COVID-19 vaccines didn’t match the CDC’s own definition of “vaccine”/“vaccination”. The CDC’s Ministry of Truth went hard at work in the face of legitimate public questions on this issue.

There you have it. Affirmative action for the multinational corporations. Why have them improve their vaccines when you can just change the definition of vaccine to fit their ineffective vaccines?

Congrats to all the skeptics out there – you raised enough hell that the the CDC went and tried to change reality.


Australians ‘will need Covid vaccine booster shots every six to 12 months for years to prevent the pandemic from taking hold again’

. Booster shots will be available six months after a second dose from Monday
. ‘We will treat Covid like many other viruses that have been around for decades’
. ‘Giving a vaccine boost will help reduce virus circulation’ – Prof Jonathan Ball
. Australia only the second country – after Israel – to offer booster shots to all ages

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said boosters may be needed to go to the pub

Booster shots used in Australia will be the Pfizer vaccine regardless of what jab the patient had before.

AstraZeneca can be given instead if the patient had an allergic or serious reaction to Pfizer.

States and territories will decide whether residents need to have a booster to be considered fully vaccinated – but boosters will not be required for international travel.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said boosters may be needed to go to the pub or sporting events in his state. ‘A month before your six months is up, then you will get a message and your vaccination certificate, the thing that gets you the green tick, you’ll be prompted to go and book a time to go and have your booster shot,’ he said.

‘There may be state clinics in that or it might be all done through GPs and pharmacies, that hasn’t been worked through yet. We’re happy to play our part, though. So it’ll be about the maintenance of your vaccination status.’

The move makes Australia only the second country in the world – after Israel – to offer booster shots to all ages.

From the Comments

I trust Dr Seuss more than Dr Chant

Enjoy the non stop treadmill of something that doesn’t work

Looking forward to Novavax, but probably Pfizer won’t allow the Australian Governments to issue Vaccination Status for Non-Pfizer Vaccines like Novavax.

Perhaps I am a Cynic,

Tough on Crime? Pfizer and the CIHR

November 9, 2021 8:05 am

After reading RobMW’s horrific story I hardly know what to say. I have run the gamut of emotions after, progressively, each one of my daughter’s family have succumbed & been injected. All except my 16 year old seem to be OK so far. But my granddaughter, who has a preexisting gastro condition, has commenced bleeding, which is currently being investigated.

Like many others, I have been waiting for Novavax & now, since Petrovsky’ s vaccine is so close to release, Covax19. But really, I am not too confidant about these either – since, as has been raised, they are still using the spike protein as an antigen, even if it is not a live version.

But even more importantly, the ever increasing statistics (from our own Health Depts) reveal that this virus has been totally over hyped in respect to its severity. I recommend Prof Foster’s book “The Great Covid Panic” for its amazing portrait of how the modern age & digital technology has produced this distorted analysis of a virus.

The truth is, very few of us will be greatly affected, even if we do become infected. We can further protect ourselves by improving our health levels & taking the prophylactic protocol recommended by frontline Covid physicians. The latter contains proven antivirals and anti-inflammatoies. And if you are happy with just early treatment – theBig Pharma are hitting the market with their new products – if you trust those which again, don’t have longitudinal studies.

But, for me, they will have to hold a gun at my head to inject me with these diabolical current gene vaccines.

November 9, 2021 8:10 am

Re Pfizer – Pfizer Admits Bribery in Eight Countries

Published by CorpWatch Blog | By Pratap Chatterjee | Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
November 9, 2021 8:59 am

Nor my monthly trip to the hairdresser, but I see it as a chance to work toward a new hairstyle!

I have managed to find a hairdresser in Melbourne, through a Facebook group. I have found that joining communities of purebloods helps overcome a number of issues including isolation and the building of morale.

November 9, 2021 9:22 am

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath told ABC Brisbane said there may still be mask mandates in the future and “we shouldn’t throw them away”.
Which means there will certainly be more restrictions, including mask mandates. Do they really think we’re stupid?

Roger W
Roger W
November 9, 2021 9:53 am

Read somewhere that 99% of over-70s are now vaxxed (double vaxxed?) so am now one of the 1%…
Having read all sorts of things about the 1% in the world, I expected it to feel a little more special than it does. Doesn’t seem to have given me any more privileges but that could be because I am a heterosexual old white Christian male, which must involve massive demerit points?
Anyway, am busy getting hold of some yellow material and a 6 pointed star template, as I assume I may have great use of these things in the near future.
Would just encourage those who have held out so far to continue to do so. The world will need old farts to survive, otherwise who will be left to say, “I told you so…”.

Ellen of Tasmania
Ellen of Tasmania
November 9, 2021 10:23 am

Rob MW,

I am so very sorry to hear about your daughter, and like others here, will most certainly pray for her and her family.

People talk so very blithely about the ‘small’ risks involved but when you or a loved one is injured, the lifelong change is no longer small. For you, it’s 100%. When you have been coerced into taking the jab, the anger and helplessness is just that much worse.

November 9, 2021 10:39 am

I’m also a Wait for Novovax holdout but, like Peter says I’ve moved towards stubbornly refusing any spike protein vaccine at all in response to the bullying, manipulation and coercion underway.

Rob MW, I’m so very sorry for what’s happened. And so angry at the NSW Health response. When will any of these mediocre health management types ever see sense?

November 9, 2021 10:47 am

If they can get away with this “Emergency”, wait until the next round of mandates.

From “Global warming” to “Climate change” to “Global emergency”.

How convenient.

Take the shot. For the greater good.

Boambee John
Boambee John
November 9, 2021 10:52 am


When will any of these mediocre health management types ever see sense?

Not even when they are fired. They are totally convinced of the correctness of everything they have done.

November 9, 2021 10:56 am

Regarding normal vaccines such as novavax, I intend to wait for long term safety data on these, due to the presence of the spike protein.

It should be noted that AZ has aminated, ie modified the spike protein with the addition of amino acids, that is produced by the mRNA. This is rather interesting. Did they know the spike protein was toxic? why was modified?

November 9, 2021 12:28 pm

My own GP recommended waiting for a traditional vaccine; so, I was encouraged knowing Dr Nikolai Petrovsky, Flinders Uni., and team had a vax in development Covax-19. He has since been sacked for not accepting the experimental jab. Governments in secret contracts with BigPharma had to accept the 4 mRNA/DNA products, so the Australian vax not available to Australians. The big concern now is the jab being given to young people and side effects. Here is Dr Roger Hodkinson of AB, Canada, speaking of his concerns. https://www.bitchute.com/embed/Ndflatx0NP9i/?feature=oembed#?secret=e13IZSkAKm

November 9, 2021 12:29 pm

The “Liberal” party has not been an actual party defending Liberty for some time now..

The rot really set in, even before they stopped printing the “Principles of Liberalism” on the back of the official receipts for party membership “dues”, about four decades ago.

It brings to mind the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear”

And then there is “the ‘other’ side”…..

November 9, 2021 1:04 pm

My own GP recommended waiting for a traditional vaccine

Frances, you are very, very fortunate in having a GP with integrity & knowledge. I haven’t consulted my GP in some 3 years, but my husband saw her early this year, when AZ first became available . She asked if he had been vaccinated, and when he replied that he was “waiting for Pfizer” she just smiled. Not sure if she would still be smiling if now told neither of us has been vaccinated. But she’s pretty smart, so I expect she, too, would recommend one of the new non-gene vaccines.

November 9, 2021 1:11 pm

Roger W, I, like you, am an unvaxxed over 70yo – in Vicdanistan. Not allowed to get a haircut or enter a cafe or restaurant but I may shop in department stores and the like until 24 Nov, after which I will be locked out of almost everything. For a year. So threatens the little dictator who runs this state.
Good to know there are others with serious misgivings about the long-term effects of these m-RNA vaxs, who are ‘keeping the faith’. As I have previously had everything from smallpox shot to yellow fever and even rabies, I can hardly be classed as anti-vax but the level of hostility from people I thought of as good friends towards those who won’t drink the Kool Aid on this issue has surprised me. As has the vindictiveness of the dictator. Victoria is a nasty place these days.

November 9, 2021 1:12 pm

Unvaxxed, uncoerced, unimpressed

Let’s go TGA
Let’s go ScoMo
Let’s go Dominic
Let’s go Daniel
Let’s go Annastacia
Let’s go Mark
Let’s go Steven
Let’s go Peter

November 9, 2021 1:25 pm

Read somewhere that 99% of over-70s are now vaxxed (double vaxxed?) so am now one of the 1%…

Me too (where have I heard that before?) and I’ve ordered a dark leather jacket with 1%er on the back inside a circle which reads “OLD FARTS MC”. Which McClown probably won’t let me wear in public…

November 9, 2021 1:29 pm

1/ Get Novavaxed
2/Renew passport between first and second jabs
3/ Taxi to airport
3/ Somewhere like this Umbria farmhouse at 100k euros

Australia, it’s a lost cause.

Miss Anthropist
Miss Anthropist
November 9, 2021 2:03 pm

I’m going to have to get a new recliner when this lockdown shamdemic finishes.
Filthy fascists.

November 9, 2021 2:39 pm

Vaccine Makers Now Studying Why Vaccine Is Causing Heart Problems

November 8, 2021 | Sundance | 550 Comments

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that vaccine makers and U.S. healthcare officials are now attempting to find out why the mRNA vaccines are creating adverse events and heart conditions in healthy people.

Call me crazy, but studying dangerous side-effects would seem to be a more prudent line of inquiry before injecting people, not after.

WSJ – Covid-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis Link Probed by Researchers

Several theories are under investigation seeking to explain heart-inflammation conditions among small numbers of vaccinated

As U.S. health authorities expand use of the leading Covid-19 vaccines, researchers investigating heart-related risks linked to the shots are exploring several emerging theories, including one centered on the spike protein made in response to vaccination.

Some theories center on the type of spike protein that a person makes in response to the mRNA vaccines. The mRNA itself or other components of the vaccines, researchers say, could also be setting off certain inflammatory responses in some people.

One new theory under examination: improper injections of the vaccine directly into a vein, which sends the vaccine to heart muscle.

To find answers, some doctors and scientists are running tests in lab dishes and examining heart-tissue samples from people who developed myocarditis or pericarditis after getting vaccinated.

Myocarditis describes inflammation of the heart muscle, while pericarditis refers to inflammation of the sac surrounding the muscle.

Covid-19 itself can cause both conditions. They have also been reported in a smaller number of people who got an mRNA vaccine, most commonly in men under 30 years and adolescent males.

About 877 confirmed cases of myocarditis in vaccinated people under 30 years have been reported in the U.S., out of 86 million mRNA vaccine doses administered, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Researchers have been trying to understand the link between the cases and vaccination, as health authorities expand the vaccination campaign by recommending boosters and broadening use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to younger children.

The FDA has, however, held up authorizing use of the Moderna vaccine in adolescents while it investigates the risk

November 9, 2021 2:43 pm

Germany Hits Record Covid-19 Tally as Pandemic Rebounds Across Europe

Country’s recent success in fending off the virus left many people without natural immunity, a possible factor behind the current surge

BERLIN—Germany kept Covid-19 infection rates relatively low this past summer—a feat experts say might be driving a record surge in infections in the country that has prompted fears that hospitalizations and deaths could spiral in the colder months ahead.

Infections are rising again in Europe, as colder temperatures and the fading of vaccine-induced immunity drive renewed case loads.

Even so, Germany and some of its smaller Central and Eastern European neighbors stand out with a far steeper rise in infections than neighboring France, Italy and Spain. Germany registered over 37,000 new cases on Friday, the highest daily number on record, according to government figures, as the seven-day incidence of coronavirus rose to over 200 in 100,000 people.

Experts blame Germany’s figures on the German population’s relatively low exposure to the virus after the country dodged a summer swell of infections that afflicted its Western and Southern neighbors. That resulted in low natural immunity among the population.

Over 67% of the German population have been fully vaccinated, and experts say this is helping to keep hospitalizations and deaths below their level during previous case surges. The seven-day rolling average of deaths linked to Covid-19 rose to 118 on Sunday, much lower than the record 894 in January but significantly more than the average in recent months.

John of Mel
John of Mel
November 9, 2021 3:03 pm

Regarding normal vaccines such as novavax, I intend to wait for long term safety data on these, due to the presence of the spike protein.

Good approach.

For 20+ years they couldn’t make a vaccine against any coronavirus, and then suddenly everyone and his dog are pushing them. Doesn’t feel right.

November 9, 2021 4:23 pm

For 20+ years they couldn’t make a vaccine against any coronavirus, and then suddenly everyone and his dog are pushing them. Doesn’t feel right.

Try 60+ years. Recently caught a short doco filmed about life in 1950’s UK. See the nice white lab coated sciency types working hard at developing a vaccine for the common cold. Boy, did I laugh.
You are totally correct…something just does not feel right.

Rob MW
Rob MW
November 9, 2021 8:55 pm

Thank you Ellen, Vicki, Tintarella, Adam, and all. We, her family, and our daughter don’t know what the future holds. The constant tears are overwhelming. Our daughter’s greatest fear is that she might not live long enough to see her baby girl into her teenage years.

One thing is very clear, the so-called health experts had and have absolutely no idea what they are doing, just making it up on the run with no regard for the consequences of their actions/mandatory advice regardless of whether the consequences are unintended or otherwise. This I can not ever forget or forgive, ever.

Chris M
Chris M
November 10, 2021 9:14 am

Rob wishing her all the best for recovery! This is very serious, can I suggest being as proactive as possible… pray constantly – Jesus can absolutely heal, get detailed blood analysis including microscopy then investigate treatment regimes such as IV Vitamin C, NAC and other medications & neutraceuticals discussed elsewhere.

November 10, 2021 10:58 pm

…the so-called health experts…

Should be punted into orbit.

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x