When hope is lost, comes hope

Hair-sniffing senile Joe Biden called him a white supremacist. Against the clear evidence of self-defence, a political trial was staged. The mainstream media in the US piled on: racism, white privilege, white supremacism; day after day, month after month, they lied and they lied. No black man would get away with this they whined; forgetting O.J. Some in the foreign press apparently thought that Rittenhouse had shot three black men rather than white men. Understandable really, how else could it be racism? They missed the point that now anything the left don’t like in America is racism.

Then comes the verdict. Twelve ordinary people, jurors, seven woman and five men, standing nobly and courageously against the mob. Braving threats and intimidation in order to find the truth.

All we tend to see is the rottenness and lies that leftists produce and deal in wherever they sleaze their way into positions of influence: in the media, in schools, in universities, in government.

But beyond their reach is the human spirit, exemplified in those jurors. The Rittenhouse verdict must be reverberating throughout the corridors of influence of the lying left. They’ll be running scared. They should be. All of a sudden there is hope when hope was lost.

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Miss Anthropist
Miss Anthropist
November 20, 2021 3:18 pm

Don’t bring a skateboard to a gunfight.

November 20, 2021 3:21 pm

There are suggestions that Merrick Garland, the Democrat federal Attorney-General, will file civil charges against Rittenhouse, purporting that “he violated the dead men’s civil right to protest.”
But apparently Rittenhouse should have no right to self-defence, and should have just laid back on the ground as he was and be beaten to a pulp (or to death) by a career criminal using a skateboard.
Some have suggested that such a move by Garland would be a very risky strategy by the Democrats with midterm elections coming up and Biden being on the nose.

November 20, 2021 3:43 pm

I watched a Tucker Carlson video today on this case and apparently Shumer has intimated that federal charges will be laid against Rittenhouse. The Left will not rest.

What’s even more disturbing is that most people around the world have no idea of the background of the two he killed and the one he wounded. They would most certainly have killed him, given the nature of the three.

It’s not what the MSM report, it’s what they don’t report. A UK online newspaper reported that the riots start when a black guy named Blake was shot and killed. The reality is that he’s still quite alive. But that doesn’t matter, does it?

November 20, 2021 4:13 pm

The Left will not rest.

As someone wrote on another blog, the left will never admit defeat.
And I would add, or admit that they were wrong.

If the federal AG, Garland, does press charges, it will clearly be a case of malice and spite.

VP Harris’s utterly shameful comments since the acquittal are virtual Dem code for: “we didn’t fit him up enough this time, but we’re working on it.”

November 20, 2021 4:18 pm

A disaster for disinformation: Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Bruce of Newcastle
Bruce of Newcastle
November 20, 2021 4:41 pm

forgetting O.J.

I don’t forget O.J. Happened to be visiting the US Left Coast when the trial was on. TV news was 24/7 O.J. and nothing else. It was a feast of USness. The racial stuff was an undercurrent them, but the totally insane fixation on O.J. was a harbinger for the nutty twenties, which we are unfortunately living in.

Bruce in WA
November 20, 2021 5:38 pm

I am overjoyed to admit that I was wrong and that Kyle was found not guilty. I had no expectations that would happen.

But … it won’t end here. The left, the anti-gunners, the Democrats (BIRM) will worry this like a terrier with a rabbit. They will NOT let go. Carlson was dead right. They WILL go for the guns; they WILL go for the 2nd Amendment and while they will not win all they so avidly desire, they WILL manage to whittle away just a little more at liberties and freedoms. This is going to explode.

November 20, 2021 6:34 pm

Joe Biden Got A Colonoscopy And America Got Its First Woman President

It also meant the 85-minute historic milestone became the butt of jokes on social media.

The Question that remains to be answered from the Hiden Biden Colonoscopy

“Did the Find Joe Hiden Biden’s Brain?”


Joe Biden and His Handlers Immediately Walk Back the President’s Kyle Rittenhouse Comments

But then, there was Joe Biden. In a surprising move, he actually hit the right notes initially, answering a question about the trial on the White House lawn this afternoon. Per an earlier RedState report, the president praised the jury, noting that he stood by their decision and that the system works.

For the record, when I heard his shockingly level-headed comments, this was my immediate reaction.

His left flank is gonna lose it. And his handlers will be walking this back soon.

Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Within an hour, Joe Biden’s handlers in the White House released a far more pointed statement in which the president expressed anger and concern over the verdict. The statement then continued with a bunch of social justice buzzwords to further pacify his far-left base, many of which want blood, rhetorical or otherwise, in the aftermath of the verdict.

What exactly is Biden angry and concerned about? The evidence was clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. We had multiple videos of the incident within hours of the shootings occurring. And after a slog of a trial, where every rock was overturned, the jury came to the only logical conclusion: That Rittenhouse was not guilty of murder (or attempted murder).

Further, that outcome had nothing to do with “healing our country’s wounds.” What wounds is he even talking about in this case? Rittenhouse was a white guy who shot other white guys in self-defense. No social justice narrative applies in any context. This faux show of anger and care by Biden falls flat because it’s so absurd in its presentation. Do facts matter at all? Or does stoking racial divisions in the country always take priority?

Lastly, why is the White House even encouraging people to protest, peacefully or otherwise? There’s absolutely nothing to protest here, and a responsible president would pointedly say that. The evidence was on the side of the acquittal. Any demonstrations will just further inflame tensions fanned by falsehoods. Biden should be telling people to go home, not to take to the streets to express their unjustified anger and concern.

Honestly, this presidency is the most predictable in history. Any time Biden manages to say something halfway not insane, his far-left handlers immediately rush to reshape his position. It’s so obvious he is completely beholden to the radicals, and it’s a terrible thing for a nation that desires some semblance of normalcy.

November 20, 2021 8:08 pm

But beyond their reach is the human spirit, exemplified in those jurors. The Rittenhouse verdict must be reverberating throughout the corridors of influence of the lying left. They’ll be running scared. They should be. All of a sudden there is hope when hope was lost.

The bravery to do the right thing was accomplished by ordinary people in an insignificant state. The elites in DC have no honour or human spirit and it doesn’t even have anything to do with party affiliation. Hubris is all they have but eventually nemesis will come for them but will it be in time to save the day.

November 21, 2021 9:40 pm

Hear hear
Here here.

I’m not sure which is correct, but young Rittenhouse being found not guilty is a portent of things to come.

We have been shitted enough.


November 22, 2021 3:18 pm

“They WILL go for the guns; they WILL go for the 2nd Amendment and while they will not win all they so avidly desire, they WILL manage to whittle away just a little more at liberties and freedoms. This is going to explode.”

It’s worth remembering that the bill of rights in the US constitution was not envisaged as a bill of positive rights (eg, “You have the right to…”) but rather as a list of negative rights (eg, “Government CANNOT…”).
Hence the first says government shall not mandate a religion etc, and the seconds says the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”.
And while these rights CAN be removed after due process on a per-citizen basis, removing or limiting said rights generally is very difficult and the supreme court has always been very wide in it’s interpretation of the meaning of those limitations – that is, when they actually take the case up, which they are often want not to do. And further, while the supreme court is very wide in its interpretation of the rights, it is always as narrow as possible in terms of overturning legislation based on violations of those rights.

And let’s be honest – the 2nd amendment only exists in case the 1st fails, and to make sure the government is always afraid of the population, rather than the population being afraid of the government.

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