Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

It’s long so probably best to watch it over three sittings, but I highly recommend you watch it. It is beginning to generate a lot of heat on social media so you might want to have watched it in order to judge the response appropriately.

22 thoughts on “Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough”

  1. It’s easy to watch/listen in one sitting.
    Then I spent a few half hour blocks over the last day or so googling “fact check Peter McCullough” or “controversy Peter McCullough”.
    What comes up is so lame.

    Fauci will be like the Clintons.
    Nothing will happen but his participation in this COVID scandal will be plain to see.

  2. I listen to part of the McCullough interview on the Dark Horse podcast. That was on Youtube and I found myself wondering why it was still up. He is very knowledgable and calm.
    I am hearing that the Joe Rogan interview posted above has already been censored by Youtube. Hopefully Spotify keep it up until I get time to see it.

  3. Hopefully Spotify keep it up until I get time to see it.

    Since Rogan moved to Spotify, there has been zero censorship of new content.
    There has been a lot of the library from youtube that has been memory holed.
    Gavin, Chris D’Elia plus a few others didn’t get there.

  4. What’s clear is the way poorer countries have acted to mitigate COVID could have been used widely in richer countries.
    Good luck getting coverage of the Bangladesh situation he described.
    One of the poorest, corrupt shit holes on the planet & they got it under control.

  5. I spoke with a surgeon I know re what he said about dentists & the ADA guidance.
    He said he was surprised people didn’t know you’re not rinsing your mouth out to get rid of the debris from the dental work.
    You’re rinsing your mouth out to kill any infection the dentist & their assistant could have deposited into you while you’ve had your pie hole open for an hour.
    He thinks less of me for not knowing that.

    I reckon 99.99% of people would be surprised to find that out.
    And that it’s effectively a form of bleach you’re swishing around.

  6. If you want to see what doctors really think, see the recent article on the FRACGP website on mRNA vaccines and Guillain Barre Syndrome.

  7. I listened to this on Rumble in my car on a longish trip yesterday. Well worth listening to, McCullough has fought hard since the beginning.

    Like Bonhoeffer he blames stupidity rather than malice. The jury is still out on that one, I think.


    Dr Camilo Antonio Guerra 15/12/2021 8:54:51 AM

    ‘The whole point of vaccination is prevention and the maintenance of good health,’ he told newsGP.

    ‘Unfortunately with COVID infection, we do have to do a cost–benefit analysis, and the cost of COVID internationally has been over five million lives, [with] the true number [likely] over 15 million.

    ‘In Australia, the cost measured in deaths is about 2000 and there are a handful of mainly older people, but some middle-aged people, who have died after vaccination and we all find that very distressing, and we want to do better.’

    Sound like another case of the end justifies the means.

    Dr Suzette Julie Finch 15/12/2021 11:38:19 AM

    YES, assessing if the intervention benefit out ways financial, social & physical costs. Its exactly the same process you should be doing for any other vaccine, penicillin script, referral for surgery & chemo or even a colonoscopy, actually almost every intervention you prescribe. In this case, because the disease & it’s data are new (available to read but many doctors don’t) they have summarised this information for those who don’t have the time nor inclination to avail themselves of it. That is they are assisting you to do your job by telling you the current data on risk and benefit for a new condition that you may not have updated yourself about yet.
    BTW Zika is also a disease with a high GBS risk rate, but unfortunately could be slow to detect. India is currently a country with a Zika outbreak & this will be a bit of a concern for Australia with families travelling back & forth once borders truly open, obviously more for the congenital birth defect risk than GBS risk.

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  10. Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 692

    this number hasn’t changed much in the last few months, so I suspect there is now a lot of under reporting.

  11. Zipster says:
    December 17, 2021 at 8:20 pm

    Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 692

    this number hasn’t changed much in the last few months, so I suspect there is now a lot of under reporting.

    Wifey was talking to a friend yesterday afternoon who works at an old people’s home in Perth. Wifey’s friend had just returned to work after an extensive period of time off recovering from her first jab.

    Her friend runs a weekly painting class for the oldies, all in the 70 to 90 year’s age group, and when she returned to work, she had only three class members from a previous group of 20. She was off work for some time so “natural attrition” would account for the deaths of individuals in that age group, but 17 out of 20???

    All vaxxinated of course.

    There’s no accounting of what’s going on, all systems have failed I fear.

  12. Like Bonhoeffer he blames stupidity rather than malice. The jury is still out on that one, I think.

    malice appropriates stupidity for its own aims

  13. There is a Rumble link

    “If you’re interested in hearing the polar opposite of the Joe Rogan/Peter McCullough podcast Sam Harris has a new three hour discussion with Nicholas Christakis.”

    Be warned by the comments though

  14. You have to give Joe Rogan his due, he’s the most important media avenue in the world at present and he’s keeping his head about it.

  15. I found McCullough something of a self-absorbed dimwit. The crucial issues were skipped in order for him to tell us how well connected he is. Rogan’s patience was admirable and far beyond my capacity.

    The banning of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in Oz really needs to be investigated by a hard nosed cop, not a well connected quack.

  16. It’s a good interview and worth listening to.

    BeauGan, if you have watched Peter McCullough over the last 18 months or so, then surely you would understand why he emphasises his creds and contacts.

    I’ve really found the progression of thought and comments by many of these doctors and scientists really interesting to watch. McCullough wanted early intervention. Van den Bosch’s concerns were about vaccinating into a pandemic. Mike Yeadon started speaking about his concerns so quietly and reasonably and couldn’t understand why, in this instance, there could be no scientific debate. Ditto for others.

    RFKjr’s book on Fauci and big pharma is going gangbusters, but the MSM is not the slightest bit interested in looking at the allegations made therein. There is a long history of ‘shut up’ about any facts that might cause ‘vaccine hesitancy’. That’s today’s ‘$$$$cience’.

  17. Interesting point made somewhere.

    It was strange how any available treatments were almost immediately discarded in order to rush out
    untried vaccines under emergency measures.

    Not just discarded, but vilified.


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