“If science can’t be questioned it’s not science, it’s propaganda”

In early November Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers caught the coronavirus and then announced he was going follow Joe Rogan’s advice and take Ivermectin.

Rodgers was back on the field a week later playing football.

That is from Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on Ivermectin: Many Teams Behind the Scenes Are Treating Players with Same Treatment That I Got. The Packers are the Green Bay Packers which is an American professional football team and Aaron Rogers is their star quarterback. That is, he is a multi-million dollar asset, whose availability to play on any given Sunday will have a major influence on the success of the team. 

And to keep him playing, they gave him Ivermectin, which is a treatment that is apparently used throughout the National Football League. 

Meanwhile football stadiums are filled week after week with maskless fans who have zero fear they will contract any of the Covid variants while sitting with thousands of others watching the game.

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  1. caveman Avatar

    National Cabinet is science. I do what they think best for them. /sarc off

  2. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Always been a fan of Rogers, new w a new level of respect for the man.

  3. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    The China virus has brought out in western governments a strong streak of “chinese” totalitarianism that was latent, now patent.
    Here we are with admissions that the bug is now endemic, not pandemic, that it is attenuated in effect – but we have renewed QR code movement tracing and “you will obey” mask play-acting.

  4. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    CDC finally admits that PCR test cannot distinguish between common flu and covid!
    Gateway Pundit

  5. 05 Avatar

    I think the thing that irks the “horse dewormer” crowd is the fact that these guys (Rogers, Rogan) got better very quickly and had a big platform to publicise it. It’s why CNN went so hard at them. They completely tore the curtain down and exposed the fraud this whole thing has been.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    A good essay on this topic via Instapundit today:

    Year-End Musings on COVID, Science, and Chainsaws (26 Dec)

    Science, like a chainsaw, is an exceedingly powerful and useful tool. But “follow the science” makes no more sense than “follow the chainsaw.” The chainsaw doesn’t know the safest way to cut a tree, and science—let alone some anthropomorphic vision of it—can’t weigh the tradeoffs between slowing COVID and shutting down schools and cancer surgeries.

    Science informs individual and collective choices, which depend not only on those scientific findings but also on subjective preferences and one’s degree of confidence in those scientific findings. As for “listen to the experts,” Cuomo wrote the book on COVID expertise, and that book’s fall has been as spectacular as its author’s plummet.

    Medical history is littered with experts who were spectacularly wrong. When Ignaz Semmelweis suggested that doctors employ antiseptic medical procedures (e.g., washing hands in maternity wards), medical experts were offended and conspired to destroy Semmelweis. When Stanley Prusiner suggested that misfolded proteins could cause mad cow disease and its human equivalent, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, he was pilloried as a heretic—a pejorative that didn’t entirely vanish when he received a Nobel Prize for his work. As physicist Max Planck said, “Science progresses one funeral at a time.”

    RTWT. The interesting thing I’m finding is that increasingly these infallible experts are wrong. That is the case with climate science, the case with Covid, and also other stuff like economics, social policies and many other things. Yet so entrenched are they that they can’t do anything other than keep on squawking the same wrong stuff over and over like talking parrots.

  7. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    For governments these Covid theatrics are an affordable folly: they won’t run out of money while they have taxation powers and politicians salaries are safe.

    In the real world where people have to earn their money you need to be alive to facts and what actually works.

  8. Tom Avatar

    “If science can’t be questioned it’s not science, it’s propaganda”

    Having just used panic over Kung Flu to rig a presidential election and storm the White House, what did you think the left’s next project would be?

    For 20 years, the left has used junk science to ram the political ideology of “climate change” down the public’s throat, yet discussing the junk science behind “climate change” is still a taboo subject for almost every Australian politician.

    In fact, Scott Morrison has decided that indulging the left’s climate change fantasy is so prevalent he will take the abolition of the economy (net zero) as a policy to the 2022 election – or rather the lie that he accepts the “science” because that’s the only way to placate the lunatics in the Australian media who control what can and can’t be discussed.

    Media hysteria continues to sell the lie that catching Kung Flu is a death sentence when the latest mutation is either a mild cold or has no symptoms at all.

    Lunatics like McGowan in WA continue to flog Kung Flu abolition as his goverrnment’s primary policy driver – in fact as his only policy driver, utilising the West’s latent secessionism and the ludicrous “national cabinet” to stick it up Canberra and the rest of Australia.

    Of course, science as it is being sold to the public is propaganda because it isn’t science, just a political lever to intimidate the public.

  9. Ivan Denisovich Avatar
    Ivan Denisovich

    Ace on “The Science” bullshit:

    The Lie That Keeps Giving: Covid Can’t Be Spread During BLM Riots Because of The Science
    There are accusations that Fauci and the CDC have reduced quarantine periods from 10 days to 5 to accommodate industry and to keep entire companies from shutting down.

    Almost as if what is claimed to be “The Science” is in fact a hodge-podge of political decisions being made by bureaucrats and their political counterparts, like Ron Klain……

    He then played game with what would constitute “herd immunity” — 70%? 75%? 85% 90% — and admitted he just made up numbers according to what he believed the public was “ready to hear” or what they would tolerate. When he felt they were “ready to hear” higher numbers, an would tolerate higher numbers, he shifted his target for herd immunity upward.

    (Fauci) admitted this — he admitted that what he claimed to be “The Science” was in fact just a grab-bag of psychological gambits and tactical deceptions intended for maximum manipulative impact on the public.

    And yet when you pointed this out, he contacted his palz at the social media companies to censor you.

    “Experts” wonder why people don’t believe a ***-damn word coming from their lying mouths, and want to know why.

    Why? Why won’t they believe us any longer?

    Why do they believe that when we talk about “The Science,” we’re really just hustling them to get them to comply with our policy and political preferences by labeling it “The Science”?

    Why do they not trust us about “The Science” any longer?

    Well, maybe they should look at the huge repulsive mass of lies they’ve vomited at us for two years for a clue.

    Starting with this one:



    This “public health expert” wants you to know that Whiteness is a very serious public health issue and we need to take to the streets to fight it………

    This isn’t “The Science” — this is rabidly leftwing partisans, drenched in self-interest, bending and mutilating science as needed to advance their preferred political agenda.

    And they’re not practicing public health — they’re firing off gunshots and throwing ropes and cracking whips to control the herd and get it moving in the direction they want.

    We are not cattle, and you are not cowboys, assholes.

    Your “expertise” is only as good as the used car dealer’s — he’s an expert too, you know. In used cars.

    And both of your expertises stop counting for shit the moment we realize you’re using it to bluster and scam us, the minute we figure out that you’re weaponizing your informational advantage to cheat us.

    Reliable expertise requires two factors, not just one:

    1, proven knowledge in a subject matter field

    2, proven honesty and integrity in using that expertise fairly on behalf of his clients, without self-dealing

    Our expert class continually fails the second factor. They continually dupe the people they’re providing their “expert counsel” to, and engage in self-dealing and self (political) enrichment.

    And when they get caught embezzling, they just keep saying, “But we’re experts! We’re really, really good at corruptly inducing you to sign over your property to us!”………



  10. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    the “horse dewormer” crowd

    I have happily not met anyone who has called it that, but if pressed to guess I am sure I know exactly who of my acquaintances would – the ones who watch the ABC. And the ABC would because someone else from the progressive pantheon, such as CNN, said it first.

    First thing is that likely near every medicine these geniuses take worked in Lab rats and mice first – animal medicine first.

    Second, how do they think chemicals are selected to be investigated. Just working their way through a chemistry text book? Picking random plants? Or, in many cases, looking to see where the chemical is already working in nature: and nature is the arena of contest. Our bodies are the product of nature.

    Thirdly, how many of them are calling Viagra heart medication? Are they saying using the little blue pills is a reckless misuse of the medication?

    Finally, I would daresay more Ivermectin has been given to humans than horses. Seriously, how many horses are there compared to just Africans.

    Calling it horse dewormer is a child’s uninformed retort to an adult.

  11. Bushkid Avatar

    Anchor What says:
    December 30, 2021 at 7:23 am
    CDC finally admits that PCR test cannot distinguish between common flu and covid!
    Gateway Pundit

    I noted that report back in July, and wondered how the various advisory bodies and governments would handle and spin the fact that the PCR test had been admitted – by the CDC, one of own their sacred cow organisations – to not be able to distinguish between “covid” and the common ‘flu.

    Now we know… Admit there’s a new and basically harmless “variant” that’s abroad in the community, and switch to a different test. The end date for PCR testing is 31 December 2021, the very same date that the CDC said it would no longer use the PCR test as the standard because it’s useless for the purpose.

  12. billie Avatar

    an American friend says if there is a known treatment for something, then a vaccination can’t be funded .. anyone know if this is correct?

    only in the USA this applies I believe

    hence the attitude towards ivermectin, making big pharma zero bucks and vaccines making big bucks

    that’s his theory anyway and he says it is a widespread belief in the USA,but not on any big media

  13. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Billie – The whole thing started because Trump touted hydroxychloroquine. The Left then went nuts and Cathedral banned it. Then not long afterwards some data came out that ivermectin was somewhat better than HCQ. By which stage the Left had gone all in on “vaccines”. Trump didn’t say anything about ivermectin but several right wing bloggers and podcasters did. So consequentially ivermectin became haram in the lefty controlled medical fraternity, which includes the CDC, our lefty AMA and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, all of which are thoroughly Gramscized.

    The irony is that Pfizer have now come out with their own protease inhibitor, which is what ivermectin does for 1% of the cost. Which means Pfizer knows how useless their own vaccine is and they also know that ivermectin works. But since ivermectin is cheap to make and out of patent they need something they can get a profit from. Thus ivermectin has to be banned so their protease inhibitor can reap megabucks.

  14. Living the dream Avatar
    Living the dream

    This is new. Taking medical advice from a football player.
    Let’s be clear: Steve Kates, who is not any kind of medical expert, promotes invermectin as a treatment for COVID. The CDC, NIH and anyone else you can find that is actually qualified, warns that invermectin is not a treatment for COVID. It can be a poison when used by humans. It is used to treat parasites in cattle and horses.
    Also: Steve Kates also seems to think that COVID is not a risk for people in crowds, like at football. Which raises the question: why would anyone need a treatment if there’s no illness?

  15. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    This is new. Taking medical advice from a football player.


    When experts’ predictions disagree with reality, it is the expert who is wrong, not reality.

    Even though reality has no qualifications.

  16. bemused Avatar

    Let’s be clear: Steve Kates, who is not any kind of medical expert, promotes invermectin as a treatment for COVID. The CDC, NIH and anyone else you can find that is actually qualified, warns that invermectin is not a treatment for COVID. It can be a poison when used by humans. It is used to treat parasites in cattle and horses.

    Lets be clear. Ivermectin has been used for decades, is safe for humans and has alleviated mass human suffering, and is considered by the WHO as an essential medicine: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshuacohen/2021/08/29/ivermectin-a-40-year-old-anti-parasitic-now-embedded-in-a-covid-19-culture-war/.

    It has indeed been proven to be effective against COVID, it was extensively used in India and other nations because Big Pharma wasn’t going to sell them vaccines at prices India and other poor countries could afford. So India took the matter into their own hands with Ivermectin. But the entire issue has been, as always, wiped over by politics and pressure from Big Pharma. Follow the money.

    Anyone who believes anything that comes from the CDC, FDA, NIH or any of these crony organisations deserves all that they get.

  17. Lee Avatar

    December 30, 2021 at 3:52 pm


    The efficacy of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid (among other things) has been proven time and time again.
    And anyone who says otherwise is ignorant, a fool, or a shill for Big Pharma to make profits from vaccines.

  18. Eyrie Avatar

    billie, in the US an Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA)can only be issued if there is no other reasonable treatment. Hence the ban on HCQ and Ivermectin based treatment regimes.

  19. JC Avatar

    The efficacy of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid (among other things) has been proven time and time again.
    And anyone who says otherwise is ignorant, a fool, or a shill for Big Pharma to make profits from vaccines.

    No it hasn’t. It may work with a tiny gap in the window, which if the medication is administered early. Other than that, randomized studies don’t point to it being a silver bullet at all.

    Banning stuff makes conspiracy theories swirl around the web at light speed. The drug is perfectly safe and if docs wish to prescribe it, they ought to be allowed without restraint.

  20. Kneel Avatar

    “Ivermectin has been used for decades, is safe for humans and has alleviated mass human suffering, …”

    Over 4 billion doses administered to humans.
    Prophylaxis for river blindness, elephantitis and other parasite based diseases.
    Very safe – one of, if not the, safest drugs on the market. Safer than asprin, safer than paracetamol. LD50 is more than 10 times recommended treatment dosages.
    Mildly anti-viral.
    Significant reduces ACE2 binding by foreign agents (parasites or virus), which is the main infection path for COVID.
    Anti-inflamatory agent too – which is also useful in COVID trreatment.

    COVID treatment regimes such as FLCCC’s typically use it in combination with multi-vitamins, specifically vit-D, vit-C and vit-A, which are all both vital for immune response and are typically low in those with severe COVID cases.

    In any case, would you give a high-risk drug to a multi-million dollar horse, or would you want the safest and most effective one you could find?

  21. Living the dream Avatar
    Living the dream

    I am at loss to understand how a sample of one football player, with no independent verification, is regarded as evidence of something. (I suppose you can dismiss scientists at CDC etc as ideologues if you like but I am personally unable to understand how anyone can arrive at that conclusion. Speaking of scientists, the WHO does not suggest that invermectin be applied to COVID as a treatment or as vaccine: “Ivermectin is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic agent, included in WHO essential medicines list for several parasitic diseases. It is used in the treatment of onchocerciasis (river blindness), strongyloidiasis and other diseases caused by soil transmitted helminthiasis. It is also used to treat scabies.”

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