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  1. Tom Avatar

    Believe it or not, the American news media is multiples worse than Australia’s – which is simply biased towards Marxism, not a revolutionary army, as America’s is, determined to destroy our economic system and the personal freedoms we enjoy to replace them with centralised, totalitarian, control much worse than the worst days of Stalin’s Soviet Union.

    And yet it was entirely predictable as Marxists in the West have been working systematically to subvert our system since World War II.

  2. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Certainly trashed some once respected Federal law agencies.
    What a noisome swamp.

  3. Buccaneer Avatar

    The only thing that could make this meme better is if the movie were named Weekend at Joe’s instead of Weekend at Bernie’s.

  4. custard Avatar

    The real insurrection was on November 3rd not January 6th.

    This lady has arguably the best research on Jan 6.

    And a book too!

  5. Bruce Avatar

    Remind me again:

    What kind of insurrectionists DELIBERATELY leave heir firearms at home?

  6. duncanm Avatar

    .. and don’t forget the prosecution of the pimp (Ghislaine Maxwell) while the johns’ walk silently by.

  7. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    But I am not sure they have been particularly effective.

    The aim would have been to give ‘Teh Insurrection’ narrative a life of its own, for any mention of 6th January among anyone to bring to mind images of rapine, of ravine*, of blood in streets, of maimed defenders of law, of defiled edifices, of smoking ruin, etc.

    But that has not happened.

    Democrats are retiring at the end of their term in droves. Hardly the mark of the ascendant.

    And today we learn that more Americans see the FBI as Biden’s bully boys than not.

    They are still grappling with the new fact that people not only distrust the media, but have a shrewd notion as to the reason they are lying.

    * A word that has sadly gone out of use, but refers to the savage bloody way wild animals take their prey. As Lord Tennyson put it:

    Who trusted God was love indeed
    And love Creation’s final law-
    Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw
    With ravine
    , shriek’d against his creed

  8. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    It would be really good if we could have more than one formatting mode at a time. If we could put bold type within a quote, for example.

  9. DrBeauGan Avatar

    You can.

  10. DrBeauGan Avatar

    Oh no you can’t.

  11. duncanm Avatar

    How many of those poor people are still locked up without charge?

    … Of course the usual ‘uman rights brigades are missing in action.

  12. bemused Avatar

    Crowder’s analysis of AOC’s life threatening experience:

  13. duncanm Avatar

    Unfortunately, the meme downplays the threat of their actions.

    Under the cover of ‘strengthening democracy’ due to the ‘insurrection’, they’re pushing through laws to allow permanent fraud in future elections.

  14. Kneel Avatar

    “…they’re pushing through laws to allow permanent fraud in future elections.”

    Two Dem senators – both in marginal seats – won’t be supporting nuking the filibuster. Both Manchin (who denied them Build Back Worser) and Sienna are against it – publicly. With the filibuster in place, neither has a snowballs chance in hell of passing.

    So, with all this investigation/inquiry going on, has anyone started chasing the person who left pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC?
    Yeah, thought not.

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