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  1. bemused Avatar

    If Fauci and a whole lot of other people don’t go to jail, then the world is truly stuffed:

  2. Damon Avatar

    This is ‘their’ ABC.
    The state recorded 25,870 COVID-19 cases and 11 deaths in the reporting period.
    NSW Health confirmed six women and five men died; seven were aged in their 80s, three people were in their 90s, and one person was in their 70s.
    Nine of the 11 people who died were fully vaccinated.

    Thus, the mortality amongst the most susceptible population was 0.04%.

  3. bemused Avatar

    Nine of the 11 people who died were fully vaccinated.

    Fully vaccinated means they have had the triple jab. What was the status of the other two, none, one or two jabs? It’s not looking good for the vaccinated.

    But more worryingly, we have yet to experience the outcomes of the child experiments that have just begun.

  4. Rabz Avatar

    FFS, when will this hysterical fascist idiocy end?

    It’s over, you morons. If you don’t want to end up with your head on a pike, just STFU and let it finally die in the arse.

    Enough. 😡

  5. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    We are not led by nice people.
    Still it was the early adopters to fascism that got us into this mess.
    The craven and credulous. You know who you are you snivelling wretches.
    No offence.

  6. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    bemused says:
    January 11, 2022 at 4:10 pm

    Sorry – reported your comment by accident when trying to give you a dickless uptick (you got the D.U. eventually)

  7. Bruce Avatar

    “We are not led by nice people.”

    Well, there’s the core of the problem, right there.

    Not the “Not ruled by nice people”.

    The entire concept of willingly allowing oneself to be RULED. Billions have died because of “not nice people” in government.

    “Governments are the greatest institutionalized killers on the planet.

    Just remember that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and a dog-lover.

    Who decreed that we have to be “ruled”, either by the current sociopaths or by “angels”?

    All this crapola being spouted about “democracy” is just that; pure crap and corruption.

    “Liberty” is rarely mentioned and, when it is, it is ALWAYS “conditional”. Someone much cleverer than me once said: “Liberty limited is Liberty LOST”.

    See also:

    “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

    Your call.

    If you cannot “rule” yourself, maybe you deserve to be ruled by the degenerates.

  8. 2dogs Avatar

    Just noticed this:

    This is really good news. Although Pfizer is protected from lawsuits by a special indemnity, not that indemnity does not protect news outlets who may have made negligent misstatements.

    We need to keep a record of any media org who made a representation such as that the vax does not cause infertility.

  9. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    What have I done wrong?
    Without an ordered society we have the law of the jungle.
    I didn’t vote LNP either.

  10. Damon Avatar

    The indemnity against suits for damages was simply a billion dollar gift to Big Pharma. Trump was partly to blame, although he was under enormous pressure to ‘do’ something, but the snivelling weakness of the Biden administration in this regard is unforgivable.

  11. Kneel Avatar

    “The entire concept of willingly allowing oneself to be RULED.”

    They don’t RULE me, they REPRESENT me!
    They are supposed to work FOR us.
    They are certainly paid by us.

    Alas, it may take some “French hair cuts” to drive this point home to the current mob (99% of ’em anyway). I hope not, but it looks more and more that way. Personally, I’d exempt UAP and PHON from any such, but rampaging mobs rarely consider such nuance.

  12. bemused Avatar

    This thread must only be visible to a select few, as it’s stayed dormant for a full day, while the Open Thread has steadily climbed to 2500 posts. Have the Feds taken over?

  13. Bruce Avatar


    You do NOT have to have actually done “anything wrong”.

    If it is “expedient” for the totalitarian statists to load you onto the cattle wagons, it will happen. The “groundwork” to expedite this will have been laid some years earlier. Your home will have been ‘redistributed to some “deserving” member of the nomenklatura, before you arrive at the “attitude adjustment facility”.

    In the 20th Century alone, several regimes did just this; some bloke called Niemoller apparently had something to say about the matter, briefly.

  14. duncanm Avatar


    Vaccinated ppl may be more susceptible to Omicron.

  15. bemused Avatar

    Here’s another safe anti-virus compound that will likely be banned: Next, it will be licorice removed from all stores.

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