Open Thread – Mon 7 Feb 2022

Landscape with Hunters, Corrado Giaquinto, 1750s

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  1. Incognito Avatar

    Sorry I wanted to forward a comment to my email and seemingly I reported it instead.

    I liked that comment about the woman contesting Stegall for the seat of Warringah.

  2. Dot Avatar

    In the name of posterity, I claim the lucky number 3000.

  3. Oh come on Avatar
    Oh come on

    I’d be very interested to see the “science” behind the WA CHO’s ruling which says that I can go into any shop but not a liquor store.

    There’s no scientific basis for this kind of restriction, bar the ugly science required to control populations at a psychological level. Note also that you can’t gamble without a vaxx passport. They’re targeting vices. I’m surprised the unvaxxed are still able to purchase cigarettes. Maybe they won’t be able to buy chocolate or ice-cream soon.

  4. Vicki Avatar

    Then Rita insta-editorialised that the Science showed the ‘vaccines’ were safe vis-a-vis hearts and that the companies were selling them at cost price in Australia, not to make profits.
    Sky’s entire team is obviously on a very short leash on this subject.

    No – just Rita.
    At least, that is my opinion after watching Outsiders in recent times. I am very uneasy about this. It is hard to reconcile with the Rita we have known and loved who is fearless on most subjects. However, free speech is free speech.

    Incidentally, after watching Ed Dowd (name correct?) the ex Blackrock guy who reckons not only Moderna, but Pfizer are going to be figuratively blown apart soon by fraud charges re their withholding of correct vaccine trial data, I reckon they are all going DOWN.

    The carnage should be immense. Unfortunately, Joe Public will still be the most to suffer.

    Is this why Greg Hunt has determined to withdraw from political career, and, as a parting gesture has at least offered government compensation (from US!) for vaccine injuries, dating back to February? Or, is this a gesture to save Pfizer et al from bankruptcy?

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