14 thoughts on “Meme of the Day #15”

  1. Canada geese honk, and they’re protected.
    Truckers honk and should be protected too.

  2. It’s not only the Left as awful as they are
    The Libs have done this

    Tanked the economy
    Spent billions on stuff that makes things worse
    Vilified and attacked people for being non injected
    Destroyed family life
    Destroyed social life
    Forced our elderly to die frightened and alone
    Set our children’s education back at least three years
    Caused bankruptcy and business failures

    In the near future I expect no quick recovery plus inflation and government debt and ever more RULES and policing

    It’s a cluster fuck

  3. How much has Australia spent on ” vaccines ” ? In NZ the taxpayers forked out $36.50 per dose apparently. This amount was released inadvertently by Chris Hipkins NZ health minister ? recently. Oz population is 5X NZs so Big Pharma made a killing here as well ( sorry ). All the people I know who have or have had the couf were ” vaccinated “.

  4. LM, what about the cost of all the PCR tests? I heard they were well over $100 ea so a nice little earner for someone.
    Just follow the money!!!

  5. The mark of our politicians and bureaucrats is best illustrated by them preventing family members from being with their relatives who are dying. Just where is the logic in that, the poor buggers are dying so covid or any other affliction doesn’t count?

  6. Moronson is going to win a magnificent trifecta:
    1. Lose an election with unemployment at historic lows,
    2. To an unelectable Muppet,
    3. While having traded away the entire reason for his party to exist.

  7. All the people I know who have or have had the couf were ” vaccinated “.

    I said the same thing to a pharmacist the other day when he asked me if I’d had my “booster”.

    He was not amused; the cognitive dissonance was such that he simply disengaged.

    He would have classified me as an “anti-vaxxer” in order to avoid thinking about it.

  8. “The Libs are of the Left, they are LINOs.”

    That’s certainly true for some, perhaps even most.

    But more importantly, the are “establishment” and “captured by the bureaucracy”.
    The right only ever tries to slow down the changes the left want – they almost never “un-do” anything.

    This is partly their own fault for not persuing it, but also partly the bureaucracy being massively left-leaning and not wanting to “un-do” anything they worked so hard to “advise” into place originally and which increases their own unaccountable power.

    Personally, I think that it is the party having too much power – and the only way to “fix” that is to go back to a secret ballot in parliament. If the party higher-ups are unable to know who voted against their imposed policies, politicians may actually start voting based on what they think their own electorate want, instead of having to follow party “policy” or be disendorsed by the party.

  9. …and the only way to “fix” that is to go back to a secret ballot in parliament.

    Wouldn’t that be great. But knowing the bastards, it would be secret in name only.

  10. Roger 9.35am. Another example of vascular dementia.

    A pharmacist would normally have an intellect: be able to reason……is not doing a purely robotic task. However like many others, he’s lost this ability (ie would normally have a counter-argument, but not now) and we know why……

    The RNA fragments have induced his cells to produce spike proteins. These protrude from blood-vessel-wall-cells, where they pick up passing platelets…..which form clots. Large clots cause immediate harm, while micro-clots cause dementia (“vascular” since it’s in the vessels). Vascular Dementia is / was the second most-common form of dementia before the mRNA injections but is now very clearly NUMBER ONE.

    The way to verify anyone’s demented status is to TRY to engage them in a rational discussion. When they become irrationally angry, the diagnosis is confirmed, since lost marbles, and aggression, are stock standard in all the demented!


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