9 thoughts on “Meme of the Day #19”

  1. “Like watching the fall of Rome in real time.”

    Biden being chief fiddler! (pun intended)

  2. ”Yes, yes, I know the biology, no argument there. It’s just that I don’t identify with it.”

  3. From …

    Nathan Buckley

    … alas, not the Nathan Buckley AFL fans will recognise, but the One Nation candidate for Wide Bay.

    Good luck, Nathan — hope you help save Australia from PM Albo’s communist nation-wreckers!

  4. Biden being chief fiddler!

    The vax mandate stuff is like when Caligula ordered a statue of himself set up in the Jewish temple. A ginormous crowd of people fronted up to the Procurator in Caesarea and said “over our dead bodies”. Then they all bared their necks to the legionaries doing crowd control.

    Procurator guy, who was a cluey mid-level career pollie, knew a shit sandwich when he saw one. So he sent a letter to Gaius in Rome by a very slow all-stops vessel. The letter asked “Boss, do you really mean that?”.

    Fortunately for procurator guy the Praetorians offed Gaius before the letter arrived and the statue stayed unused in its box.

    The beltway peoples seem to be ignoring the neck-baring truckers in DC. Ukrainian squirrels are the latest must have accessory.

  5. “There are two sexes…”

    Yes, sex is from biology and aside from a very small proportion( <0.1%), all are either Male or Female.

    "Gender" is a linguistic term, and there are three genders: Male(eg, his), Female(eg, her) and Neuter(eg its).

    All the rest is based on "feelz" and "taste" ("preference") – LGBT-QWERTY.
    You can prefer sex with the same sex, think you are in the "wrong body" and for all I care dress and act like that is true, even get surgery and take drugs to "make it so" if you like, but you shouldn't be able to force me to speak what I think is untrue. What YOU do and say is up to you, what I do and say is up to me – as long as I am not advocating for violence against you (or performing said violence, obviously), leave me to think and say what I will – I give that to you, why won’t you allow me the same freedom?


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