Consequences dear boy, consequences (to misquote Harold Macmillan)

Greg Sheridan generally writes well on foreign affairs (and on Christianity) but came unstuck with Donald Trump derangement syndrome; then covid-the-perilous robbed him of sanity. That at least was my view before Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech and Russia invaded Ukraine. This morning, writing in the Australian, his reputation (with me) suffered still further.

First, he gave Joe Biden’s ridiculous speech a C-plus. Wild threats at Russia and admiration for the brave [sic] Iranians were complemented by a litany of things he’s gonna do like, for example, secure the border (risible), fund the police (really?) and cure cancer (why not). Nothing on the state of the union, because he and his Democrat colleagues have produced a nightmare – an open border, increased crime, rising inflation, loss of energy independence, a shambolic and shameful exit from Afghanistan.

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