2,757 thoughts on “Open Thread – Tues 1 March 2022”

  1. Don’t think the Old Man had any problems with hobby farmers when he was up at Morowa. A few of the locals might have accused him of being a hobby farmer. Which was probably a bit harsh.

  2. And that’s another point, everyone suffered under lockdowns and Melbournians, followed by Sydneysiders, the most.
    If people who got vaccinated for private reasons, which had nothing to do with government mandates, no longer care that much about the chosen few that daily slag off at them including the ever delightful death wishing, well, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  3. His (long suffering) neighbour told a great story at his memorial service how he was driving along the road between their two properties and saw Dad’s ute out in the paddock and went to investigate. When he got there Dad (who was in his 70s at this point) was asleep across the front bench with the dog in the footwell. On waking him, Dad just said he was watching the sheep listening to ABC Classical and must have fallen asleep. He was a bit notorious in the district.

  4. Custard needs to lay off the booze and watch the SOTU address sober.

    Nah. As in confident America will sober up.

  5. Rabz: Elsie is too fat these days for leaping after birds, but she compensates by being the scourge of rats and mice. We’ve had plenty of rain, so there are seeds aplenty in the unmowed section of the back yard (it’s a whopper of a back yard) and the rodents have been enjoying an orgy of rooting and eating in the long grass and under the old shed

    That explains why I’ve had two small rats, three mice and a baby possum in the past ten days.

    I just wish she wouldn’t leave them on my office chair, keyboard or coffee table. Flicked out the back door, the crows very quickly make off with their little chewed up bodies.

    It’s raining at the moment and she’s out in the front yard trees, still on the job.

    Little baby possums had best say their prayers.

  6. rickw:

    An ‘extraordinary’ $240bn has been amassed in savings accounts during the pandemic, which one banker says is ‘just too much’.

    Is this now going to be a National Asset just like the superannuation funds?
    I’ve been keeping only a minimum amount in mine for the last couple of months. Just enough to allow for fortnight to fortnight regular payments.
    The rest goes into the bikkie jar on top of the fridge…

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