Meme of the Day #33

h/t: Law Girl

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  1. Edwina Avatar

    I want a very large poster made of this for my wall!
    Oh how all this insanity does my head in!
    Western Civilisation is teetering and it depresses me.

  2. wal1957 Avatar

    Mothers don’t exist.
    White people are racists.
    Conservatives are Nazis.
    Males are misogynists.
    Men are women.
    Governments are thrifty.
    Renewables are cheap.

    The list could be endless.
    Oh the fun we could have…

  3. Tom Avatar

    Such a great cartoon! You know Bob Moran’s great because the rest of the Fleet Street cartooning establishment in London hates him.

  4. Dave of Gold Coast, Aust. Avatar
    Dave of Gold Coast, Aust.

    Pretty eye catching cartoon, wonder how much of the cartoon can be traced to the government and the media. I refuse to allow both of these entities to live in my head. “Trust the science” is the classic, with the likes of Pfizer lying about all their initial testing. About as trustworthy as the Climate Change “science.” Find a very cool year like 1979 then any year that is hotter ‘proves’ climate change. Funny thing about the birth of climate change; it was the mantra that we were going into another ice age. Wow, that took a180 degree turnaround didn’t it, following the ‘science’ of course!!!

  5. Mantaray Avatar

    All this stuff is mental illness, afflicting a really small % of dills. It should be laughed at, rather than feared or taken seriously.

    Examples: go into any shopping area to see mens- and womenswear stores by the dozens, complete with photo displays of attractive women and blokes in those sold clothes. See thousands of very normal chicks in skimpy gear; fellas in ultra-typical male attire walking about. There is no confusion in real life about the differences between the male and the female.

    Or, take a walk pre-dawn through any suburban street while all homes have their residents on the premises, to be astounded at how almost every one has three or more fossil-fuel guzzlers in their garages and driveway. There is hardly a planet-saving EV anywhere.

    Or, check out the non-stop shrill Govt bleating that booster take-up numbers are in the toilet: that everyone is “complacent”= the average Joe knows Covid always has been BS: that with no harsh fines and pepper-spraying thuggery take-up would be 3% or lower.

    C’mon Cats. Most of you are way too smart to fall for the lie that a handful of neurotics is “society”, or am I wrong?

    BTW: Guys like Brendan Murphy declining to answer simple questions on what a woman is proof of how un-widespread the stupidity is . Has he ever said a non-moronic thing?

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