“The undecided”

Election 2022: Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese look to breakfast TV

I watched, reluctantly, the first “debate” between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, and this is what I now find out from the papers: Undecided voters give win to Anthony Albanese after leaders’ debate. This was the final tally:

Of the 100 undecided voters at the debate, 40 per cent gave the debate to Anthony Albanese, 35 per cent to Mr Morrison and 25 per cent remained undecided, results show.

Of course, no one is actually undecided. You may be sure that at least 40% were ALP voters since there is no way to really keep them out. An undecided is someone who says they remain unsure, but anyone who watched the flow of words and thought the ALP leader was the more persuasive has demonstrated a decided lack of grasp of the issues, or has very little idea of what will make their lives more secure or more prosperous.

Let me end with this, which is in all essentials the promise being made to Australians by the ALP: however bad things are now, we will make them worse, or as it says at the link but in reference to the US: Red states [ie States governed by Republicans] top blue states [ie states governed by Democrats] for low taxes and best economies.

The ALP plan, as usual, is to introduce some unaffordable freebie welfare program, then lose government and let the Libs work out how to pay for it.

Of course, the ALP pitch is to say that had they been the government everything would have turned out better than they have. Meanwhile, they promise to fix our non-existent global warming problems by crashing our carbon-based power-generating system, and will eliminate the non-existent racism that supposedly ruins social relations in this country by blaming everything on people who ancestors have come – either recently or in the distant past – from Northern Europe.

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  1. Zipster Avatar

    Fabian looking to move in for the kill on the road to sodom & gomorrah

  2. 2dogs Avatar

    I won the debate.

    By not watching it.

  3. NoFixedAddress Avatar

    If the Albatross does not guarantee to shut down every coal and gas fired power station by June 1, 2022 then he is gutless.

  4. John Sheldrick Avatar

    LOL. I didn’t watch it either. I would rather watch the grass grow but it was too dark. So, I watched the paint dry instead. Time for bed and some sleep now. I can dream about how Australia should be when the jabbed Lefties all get side effects and roll over………………..Just dreaming again……………….

  5. Lurx Avatar

    Morrison and Albow….What could one expect from two of the most demonstrated to be manifestly useless and beyond doubt pathetic politicians that ever entered into an orchestrated love-in.

    If one wanted to see some solid future predictions from four dedicated Australian politicians that not only know the ropes but have the best interest of the country at heart, one would be hard pushed to find better action than watching/listening to Paul Murray’s Palmer, Katter, Newman, Hanson interview; Tuesday evening on the Gold Coast. A what could only be described as a honest, unfiltered, in your face look at what makes true blue Ozzies Pollies tick.

    All Australians should have been privy to the input from those four independents. One of the most important comments to come from the discussion was that the results of the forthcoming election would be possibly be the last chance we will get to keep this country from the hands of those that seek to destroy us… The duopoly of perpetual madness (Libs and Labor) plus the Greens.

    Vote wisely

  6. Damon Avatar

    “shut down every coal and gas fired power station by June 1, 2022”
    Stock up on candles, mate.

  7. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    I heard that report on ABC New Radio and immediately thought it a transparent attempt to help Albo after his train wreck first week.

  8. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    ALP “siding with China” said by some in the commentariat to be a low blow.
    Andrews signed on with them!
    Mr. Bean took cash from them, as did the NSW branch until the fact emerged and they had to give it back and sack an official.

  9. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    One Nation will do well this time around.

  10. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    Put the major parties last on the ballot.
    Never forget what they did.
    We are asked to fight for what is good and true. Don’t give in to voting for wickedness.

  11. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    These debates, like everything else the media run, are loaded in the left’s favour. The outcomes of the actual elections tend to contradict them. They are just part or the way the MSM campaigns for their choice.

    Do they really think the hot button issues for Australians is the need to ditch coal-fired power (because we are bad and are killing the planet) and some raaaaacism of which we voters are guilty?

    I wonder what they think their calling winners and losers achieves? People who watched will have decided one way or the other. Would people who thought ScoMo did better think they had made a mistake and changed their mind?

    Or is it really just to create a vague impression that Elbow’s dismal performance this week does not really represent him?

    Did they do that stupid worm thing?

  12. duncanm Avatar

    Red states .. top blue states .. for low taxes and best economies.

    The ALP plan, as usual, is to introduce some unaffordable freebie welfare program, then lose government and let the Libs work out how to pay for it.

    this is why our federalism is broken. The feds control all the funds, which (among other things) limits the scope of the states to do their own thing.

    The US system is much more competitive in nature.

  13. duncanm Avatar

    Judge Dreddsays:
    April 21, 2022 at 7:48 am
    Put the major parties last on the ballot.

    this. Don’t let them get your electoral dime, even if they end up getting your preference.

  14. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    A reminder of the evil men in the Liberal party, with ScoMos answer that anyone getting the jab was; your choice and you fully consented;


    Remember that evil always requires your consent, even if it’s coerced under the threat of losing your job, business, house or food on your table.

  15. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    Judge a man not by what he says but why what he does. They’ve both been in power. They’ve both given us massive debt and moved us further left. And they’re both multi-millionaires. They both need to lose their seats, have their passports confiscated and be judged by their electorate. In the streets. Without security present.

  16. John Sheldrick Avatar

    No one gave their consent for the Jab if they took it. They were coerced Big Time……………………….

  17. Rabz Avatar

    Had it on in another room and could hear the audio but wasn’t really paying it any attention. Zero mention of course, of any of the important issues, which was entirely unsurprising. What I will say is that Albansleazey’s voice is excruciating – he’s as intolerable as Gillard in that respect.

    Just when you thought that labore couldn’t foist on us a more useless obnoxious and questionable z-grade imbecile, they vomit up this grotesque specimen.

    As for Morristeen, he’s no better – and we still have over four more weeks of this unrelenting sham to play out. Give me strength.

  18. Rabz Avatar

    They both need to lose their seats, have their passports confiscated and be judged by their electorate. In the streets. Without security present.

    This. It’s way overdue.

  19. John Brumble Avatar
    John Brumble

    “You’ll lose your job if you don’t do it” is apparently not coercive. Hmm. Wonder where all those work-place sexual harassment cases sit now.


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