Weekend Reading #2

A Woman Reading, Claude Monet, 1872

Little Giant Constitutionalism, Pat Smith, Ius & Iustitium

The Many Agonies of Jacobin Magazine, Sohrab Ahmari, Compact

The progressive war on sex, Heba Yosry, The Critic

The Great and Unreliable Informant, Anthony Esolen, American Greatness

The Rise And Fall Of The Conservative Movement, Declan Leary, The American Conservative

5 responses to “Weekend Reading #2”

  1. John Sheldrick Avatar

    That Weekend Reading list is far too high brow for me. Now, where did I put that copy of this week’s Beano?

  2. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Some great reads there Dover

  3. Damon Avatar

    “That Weekend Reading list is far too high brow for me”
    Never mind. Just enjoy the pictures.

  4. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt

    Thanks Dover.
    It’s heavy – vocab is great – it improves mine- just like the articulating their points of view.

  5. John Sheldrick Avatar

    Hello Damon,
    There’s a lot more pictures in the Beano thanks………………

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