Meme of the Day #39

h/t: Real Brenda

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  1. Tom Avatar

    None of this would have happened if the 2020 US presidential election wasn’t rigged. The Marxist clowns who run the Biden shit show are taking the piss — because they can.

    If the news media hadn’t become a radical political party, it would have done its job of holding our rulers to account as was intended.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    The benefit of computers is they are great labour savers, and automate lots of boring stuff that otherwise you might need hordes of employees to do. Like spies, informers, censors and secret police.

    The old Stazi were trying to all of this, they just didn’t have enough people to do everything they wanted. Nowadays our new Stazi have computers to help them.

  3. Dot Avatar

    Project Mockingbird is real, now it is running down the street naked.

  4. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    Trump sent $100 million to Africa to promote LGBTI++, he’s no better than the Democrats, to which he belonged and was a Donor to until 2015.
    Anyway, that’s America.
    Over here we’ve got a Labor Party that’s full of 10 fucking times more sickeningly corrupt people than the Dems, yet many people here shill for it to be the next Government.
    If Ted Kennedy hadda been in Australian Labor politics, he’d a ended up Governor General, that’s how bad it is here.

  5. Dr Faustus Avatar
    Dr Faustus

    On the EU Army:

    Not sure if Cate Blanchett was involved, but the Future of Europe Conference was a dead ringer for Rudd’s 2020 love fest.

    It has now adopted 325 proposals to achieve 49 objectives identified across 9 themes, based on 178 recommendations from the European Citizens’ Panels, input from the National Panels and events, and 43 734 contributions on 16 274 ideas recorded on the multilingual digital platform.

    Of which 97.3% are standard, lofty climate change and social engineering dreck that would receive nods of approval from the ABC. The balance being changes to make MEP’s lives easier and more enriching.

    The closest thing to ordering up an army seems to be:

    39.4. Enhance the European Union’s delivery capacities in key important areas;

    That’s it. In full.

    It does however propose to abolish unanimity at the EC Council on EU taxation and security matters.

    This will likely follow the same road as Rudd’s brainfart spectacular – for essentially the same reasons.

  6. Dr Faustus Avatar
    Dr Faustus

    On dreadful government:

    China Covid outbreak: Beijing residents must test negative to enter public spaces

    Not sure how this can end.
    Omigod is firmly in community circulation in China – and there, as everywhere else, vaccines don’t do much to prevent infection or stop transmission.

    All Team Xi can do is play expensive and indefinite Whack-a-Mole with a virus they invented and let loose.

    (There will be a wise Confucian saying to cover the irony in all this.)

  7. Kneel Avatar

    “…achieve 49 objectives…”

    And NO priorities – they are all equally important, no doubt.
    So none of them will actually get done – worthy or not.

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