Meme of the Day #52

h/t: Gray Connolly

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Ms Goldstein is one of the unsung lady actresses who are the foundation of the movie industry.
    The phone call scene was wonderfully creepy.

    As for the Dems, I think they’d just love to have a Ministry of Truth.
    And hordes of Winston Smiths employed by it.
    Not our Winston though.
    He’s for Room 101.

  2. Nelson_Kidd-Players Avatar

    Our Winston? They’ll have to find him first!

    Oh, wait…

  3. NoFixedAddress Avatar

    great meme dover

  4. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Found this meme just now. Fits with Dover’s one very well!

  5. miltonf Avatar

    Good article Mole- I’ve been of the view for a while that a 60 year project starting with the Port Huron statement was derailed by Brexit and Trump. Therefore, no more pretending about democracy- it’s boot on face time.

  6. miltonf Avatar

    wrong thread sorry

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  1. Who is she? A dedicated feminist who gained “fame” for writing a few risqué novels. She has a regular column…

  2. Some might aver that the embrace of social reform by miseducated young women is but a masked desire for power…

  3. The catalyst seems to be invention of smart phones, which are sending women mad. Yep. Is it the pics?