Roundup 13 Sept

Wind at 7 this morning. Across the NEM the wind is delivering 8% of demand at 20% of capacity (the average is 29%.). Victoria and Tasmania are deep in drought with practically no wind and Tasmania is burning diesel to protect the level of water in the dams.

SA is exporting power to Victoria while 40% of local generation is gas.

Three quarters of the power across the NEM is coming from coal and gas, with 16% from hydro and 3% from solar.

Urgent Alert from Jo Novathe moulding of young minds by social media.

It’s like the West left their children alone in a room with The Chinese Communist Party

Karl Popper got a scare when he first saw populism in the US in 1950 during a presidential election. He delivered a talk to the Mont Pelerin Society on Public Opinion and Liberal Principles, warning that public opinion is not accountable and it can be manipulated.

Energy Matters

As central banks obsess over far-off dangers, a tsunami of energy-price bankruptcies approaches.

From the Wall Street Journal, Picked up from David Blackmon’s Energy Absurdities

Net Zero Watch from the Global Warming Policy Forum.

Pan down the page to sign up for graphic updates on the European debacle of power policy under the influence of net zero fantasies.

Power prices in GB and the other European nations. Not a pretty sight!

Bias in The Australia Institute which poses as an independent think tank.

Throw enough mud and it sticks, and TAI’s partisan analysis of climate change and energy leaches into the public debate like a toxic sludge. TAI is often quoted by The Guardian Australia, and then regurgitated online in blogs such as Renew Economy, Crikey, The Saturday Paper and The Conversation. One could be forgiven for thinking TAI is an extension of the Greens political party; their anti-fossil fuel headlines touted by the likes of Zali Steggall on social media.

More Roundups from the archivea blast from the ’90s

Roundup of partners and fellow-travellers (to be expanded)


Institute of Public Affairs        Net Zero Project

The Sydney Institute

The Menzies Research Institute.

Mannkal Economic Education Foundation              

The Taxpayers Alliance.

Advance Australia.

Australian Institute for Progress.

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September 13, 2022 7:21 am

Power prices in GB and the other European nations. Not a pretty sight!

this is interesting.

Malta has the third cheapest electricity in Europe, on par with #1 Norway (abundant hydro), despite having to import all their energy needs. I wonder why?
From wiki:

At 4.9%, Malta had the lowest share of renewables as part of gross inland energy consumption in the EU in 2017.[1]

The specific needs of Malta as an island state with regards to energy policy are recognised in EU law. In particular, Malta has unique automatic derogations from Articles 9 (unbundling of transmission systems and transmission system operators), 26 (unbundling of distribution system operators), 32 (third-party access) and 33 (market opening and reciprocity) of the Electricity Directive 2009/72/EC.[2]

So they :
1/ have almost no renewables.
2/ are exempt from a bunch of pettifogging EU laws

September 13, 2022 8:05 am

8am in central Vic and not a puff of wind at ground level.

Sun would be supplying some power today. However since last Thurs solar would have been useless till today.

September 13, 2022 8:32 am

Thank you for The Roundup.

September 13, 2022 9:07 am

Wot NFA said +1.

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