Meme of the Day #57

h/t: Pedro L. Gonzalez

4 responses to “Meme of the Day #57”

  1. Plasmamortar Avatar

    I’ll be looking like that if we make it to into 2023 at this rate…

  2. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    Dont’ forget, there’ll be a new pandemic
    likely released from a brown market

  3. Maniac Avatar

    Military recruitment quotas here in the States are way down.

    There’s basically two groups of men: effeminate soy-boys who’d be reduced to quivering heaps in seconds by your average DI, and men – especially White ones like me – who aren’t going to sacrifice life and limb for a culture that openly despises them.

  4. Dot Avatar

    …but think of society! It is up to you to defend them, you toxic sack of crap!

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