Weekend Reading #8

Kurt Hofer at The American Conservative reflects on his attendance at the Restoring the Nation conference and on the fortunes of the New Right.

Over at UnHerd, Thomas Fazi considers whether Germany and thereby Europe itself is also a target of the economic warfare that has broken out since the Russo-Ukrainian War began.

Niccolo Soldo, at Fisted by Foucault, interviews the always entertaining Pedro Gonzalez on NeverTrumpers, GAE, bowtie conservatism, among other things.

Lafayette Lee on the meaning of patriotism once you’ve been red-pilled at IM-1776.

Patrick Smith in Ius & Iustitium addresses the continued failure of SCOTUS to hear arguments relating to whether the unborn are entitled to Fourtheenth Amendment protection.

60 Years since Vatican II, Michael Brendan Doughtery in National Review surveys the battlefield.

Rupa Subramanya at Common Sense looks at the unraveling barbarity that ensues, here, in Canada, once you institutionalize voluntary assisted suicide.

Lastly, Harry Mount in The Spectator looks at efforts to save the pub in which the Inkling group of writers, incl. Tolkien and Lewis, would meet, discuss, and tell each other yarns.

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  1. Of course he was “a huge fan”- when he worked for Salk he actually did the initial development on lipid…

  2. Jacksonians are skeptical of big business, hate the political and social establishment, and demand “common sense” solutions to complex problems. Jackson…

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