Weekend Reading #11

Henry George in The Critic wades into the mire that is Jonathan Last’s recent criticism of the conservatism of Roger Scruton.

Two essays on the demands for ‘pandemic amnesty’, recently request by the Regime via their Atlanticist envoy, the reply from Sohrab Ahmari was Nyet and from Pedro Gonzalez was Punish.

Pierre Manet reviews Émile Perreau-Saussine’s Alasdair MacIntyre: An Intellectual Biography in MacIntyre’s Flight from Politics over at Compact.

Darren Beattie at Revolver News returns to the J6 pipe bomb investigation and wonders why the frame rate of the released footage is radically lower than is normal for security camera footage and speculates as to whether this suggests any doctoring.

Some unsolicited advice from Present Witness in IM-1776 for Twitter’s new Prince, Elon Musk.

Lastly, Stanley G. Payne turns his eye on the Myth of the Spanish Civil War and the costs involved in exposing the myth in Chronicles.

4 responses to “Weekend Reading #11”

  1. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Some great stuff there DB.

  2. calli Avatar

    Thanks Dover. Very interesting article on the Spanish Civil War.

  3. Louis Litt Avatar

    Ah Dover – thank you for the image, like the one of the lady on a train.
    BTW have you explored American Impressionism?

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