South Australia does it again

Not to mention Victoria.

At sunrise this morning SA was importing 40% of their power and two thirds of local generation came from gas. They are “independent” when the Capacity Factor of the wind is 40 or 50% or more, well above the average of 29%. This morning it was 12%.

Victoria and Tasmania (the battery of the nation) were in trouble as well, deep in a wind drought at CF 5%.

The interstate flows.

This is the live displayt

The Fuel Mix in Victoria

4 responses to “South Australia does it again”

  1. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    Qld has high rotation TV ads for their new green schemes. Solar is going to pump water uphill. But not today

  2. Roger Avatar

    If you think these states are in trouble now, just wait until the combination of federal and state policies expedite the closure of QLD’s coal generators. Even assuming, for argument’s sake, that renewables could fill the gap, there are not enough projects being approved and constructed to do so.

  3. wal1957 Avatar

    Anyone would think that our politicians are dumb!…. oh hang on a sec….mmmmm

    I had a win recently.
    I convinced some relatives of mine that ‘demand mangement” was the PC word for blackouts.
    A small victory but it is a start.

  4. mem Avatar

    Has there been a full risk management analysis for how reliable and affordable energy is to be delivered to Australian business and homes without coal and gas, taking into account future demand? Not that I’m aware. The nitty gritty of replacing say 80% of Victoria’s coal fired power generation with technically feasible and available infrastructure seems to have been glossed over. And I would like a figure on how much this will reduce the temperature, not some nebulous concept of achieving net zero, whatever that means. Frankly, I don’t think they have a clue about the logistics of what the “transformation” will entail. The disaster that may likely unfold will make Pol Pots “out with the old and in with the new” approach look like tidily-winks.

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