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The menace of Tik Tok

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The collected briefing notes from the Energy Realists of Australia are available on our site, augmented by plain English statements of the key points.

On Green Hydrogen:

Government decisions to allocate substantial funds to “hydrogen hubs” are based on wishful thinking among green advisors in the bureaucracy.

Grants for developing green hydrogen should be subjected to cost-benefit analysis over short to medium terms.

When all the green hydrogen projects around the world come on stream there will be a glut on the market!

On the Capacity of “big batteries”:

False and misleading claims about the firming capacity of so-called “big batteries” must cease to enable a sensible debate about the future of the power supply.

For a start, journalists who rate the capacity of batteries in MW instead of MWhrs should be promptly escorted from the building, with their personal effects thrown into the street after them.

On School Teaching:

Many cohorts of school students have been subjected to green propaganda by activist teachers and lately by the common curriculum. The level of public debate cannot be expected to improve until  this is corrected by a coast to coast parents’ revolt to save our schools.

On The Impossible Transition to Green Energy:

The Energy Security Board was supposed to suggest market reforms to expedite the energy transition but they contemplated a continuing role for gas and coal so they were sent to the naughty corner.

The responsible bodies in the various states are now stuck with the problem and soon they will have to find a way to keep the coal fires burning. This will be interesting to watch.

2 responses to “Rafe’s Roundup 1 Feb”

  1. Wally Dalí Avatar
    Wally Dalí

    The decision by Old Twitter to disable the popular “Vine” video plug-in was highly suss. It may not have operated precisely like TikTok, but it was ripe for a Big Tech acquisition and being turbocharged as a new app, and it certainly occupied the cultural space… which suddenly was wide open for the replacement to waltz into. Cathedral Media complied with the product launch- Tik Tok stepped into the news bulletin sherbert slot, you know the one about about dating apps, diet apps, the amazing giraffe who does ice sculptures with his tongue or the panda who can’t get it up. And then the T-T word was made into an intransitive verb, and the exhibitors got their participative noun… and TikTok lives, rent free, in our minds and pockets.

  2. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    The big question remains, how are the elites going to keep their own lights on and feed and water themselves? What are the technologies that the billionaires, buying properties in places like NZ, are using? It’s not solar!

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