4 thoughts on “Gigi Foster fires up”

  1. Gigi Foster is an interesting women.
    Great podcast. Enjoyed listening to her views.
    Dan the man should take note of her views and act on them!

  2. Noteworthy admission from Lismore hospital to ABC aired today:

    An ambulance conveying a woman with an internal bleed was “ramped” because 1) there was a 30% bump in emergency admissions in that period; and 2) covid protocols slowed the triage process. The woman was passing in and out of consciousness and – obviously – could have died. Unlike the larger cities, there was no alternative hospital to which she could be taken.

    Part of a preview of an ABC report on the regional public health crisis.

    Just one of many such instances, I would imagine.

  3. Given that I think that there are significant forces intent upon a “Great Reset” and especially a reordering of power structures, we need to seriously consider how to survive in such a world. Supportive alternate citizen groups would be the first step. Many are forming throughout western countries already.


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