Barbarians in smart suits and uniforms

Impact of lockdown on babies

This is a disturbing account of the way babies were denied normal human contacts during lockdown. Of course they were not the only ones, it is just another chapter in the ghastly story.

Civilisation has a thin crust that normally restrains tendencies to barbarism until it gives way in times of war and revolution, when previously latent psychopaths come into their own. During lockdown the latent psychopaths turned up among bureaucrats, public health experts, politicians and police.

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  1. rickw Avatar

    My son was in and out of Kindergarten when this shit started.

    His prep teachers didn’t hesitate to say that his class in totality was “different” to any one that they’d had before. Difficult to control and keep their attention. Overall they were desperate to interact with each other.

  2. WolfmanOz Avatar

    My wife is a Maternal & Child Health Nurse and she’s been seeing this for 18+ months now.

    It’s simply criminal.

  3. Roger Avatar

    It’s simply criminal.

    Just don’t expect charges to be laid.

  4. flyingduk Avatar

    These medical totalitarians disrupted our lives from start to finish – I will never forgive them and I will never trust them again.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Masks have had a really bad effect on kids in schools. Especially boys.
    Interesting how important facial access is in those age groups. I think that’s a new finding.

  6. rosie Avatar

    Both my oldest grandchildren are lockdown babies and the experiences of isolation of my daughters were similar, especially the one living in Queensland.
    My observation too was that the isolation exacerbated symptoms of post natal depression and the lack of support from maternal health services was appalling. Impossible to get appointments and if you did, it was a phone service.
    Armed with medical certificates I visited my Melbourne based daughter twice a week throughout lockdown and got to Queensland whenever the opportunity arose, we made a concerted effort to mitigate the circumstances of lockdown isolation including a few instances of law breaking.
    First babies are nearly always the hardest, I didn’t see anything about problems where the lockdown baby was a second or third child in the article.
    With 2022 babies now on the scene in my family too I have no doubt having an older sibling makes a big difference to the socialising skills of at least little sisters anyhow.
    The treatment of all children during 2020 and 2021 was a disgrace.
    I’m still furious about the closing of playgrounds and cannot believe Victorians voted back a government that did that to our children.

  7. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    Expect this to have impact in evolution of adolescent insults.
    Tired: Downs baby!
    Wired: Lockdown baby!

  8. Maniac Avatar

    Drat, screwed up the link. Here:

  9. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    It has been revealing – we are governed by idiots who don’t understand climate, the carbon cycle, the power system, or physics and chemistry generally.
    How quickly they morphed into power-mad maniacs hiding behind “the health advice” while kyboshing cheap and effective remedies!
    Now this:
    A protein in the lungs that blocks Covid and forms a natural barrier to the virus has been discovered by scientists at the University of Sydney.

    The naturally occurring protein, LRRC15, works by attaching itself to the virus like Velcro, preventing the Covid particles from binding with more vulnerable cells – as well as reducing the chance of infection.

    Daily Mail

  10. wal1957 Avatar

    Most governments & bureaucrats around the world have destroyed any trust that they once might have had with any thinking person.
    Never forget, never forgive. They are FUBAR and need a massive cleanout from top to bottom.

  11. billie Avatar

    “cannot believe Victorians voted back a government that did that to our children.”

    I can believe it.

    The constant media hate spewed at Liberals and conservatives everywhere creates a world where they are just unelectable. In the USA the government, the swamp, will ensure they never have to put up with another conservative President.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but I can only see it getting worse.

  12. Diogenes Avatar

    I’m still furious about the closing of playgrounds and cannot believe Victorians voted back a government that did that to our children.

    Listening to the people from Victoria who have moved into our over 50s, they moved because of what Andrews did.

    One couple, in their 70s fled as soon as they could and spent nearly 6 months in a caravan at Kingscliff waiting until they could cross into the promised land.

    The nicest words I heard about Dictator Dan (their words) would put me into moderation, the crude versions of Richard Cranium, and the 4 letter fword prefixing wit, and a person with a very low IQ, and references to him being a walking lower end of the alimentary canal were frequent. Their hatred was palpable.

    Funnily enough the few Taswegians and mainland Taswegians or cockroaches that are here were critical of their Premiers, but none expressed the same sort of hate.

  13. Old Goat Avatar
    Old Goat

    Babies are undergoing intense development and environmental inputs will have permanent or long lasting effects . They are growing up in a world that has been replaced with something resembling Alice in Wonderland. You no longer have to “grow up” and everything you don’t like is someone else’s fault. What can possibly go wrong ?

  14. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake


    I fully agree. Fellow Victorians voted these criminals back into office with a landslide. One of the reasons i plan on leaving Victoria.

  15. Min Avatar

    Wal1957 did you mean FUBABs ? I am writing book about effect on oldies alone locked up in Retirement villages no touch, eye contact difficult with masks . Dating sites like tinder the place for ONS where all the younger went were the way to avoid this . Then again brothels were still open but playgrounds closed .

  16. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    Yet people still believe thigs will get better if only the government passed a few more laws/had more control.

    We have been severely educated, where government, despite manifest failures nearly every time you contact it, is held as a solution to anything.

  17. Mantaray Avatar

    Regarding Victorians. I used to go to Victoria by car about once every two years, and drive around, speaking to thousands of them at random.

    Let’s face it, the average citizen down there is none-too-bright…..

    First step is to consider that teams of ponces in too-tight shorts, bitch-slapping one another for hours (days?) on end, draws massive crowds, and always has done. WHAT? A sure sign of brain enfeeblement over generations!

    Then consider stuff like Labor Ministers etc assuring the plebs their savings were 100% safe: “the state treasurer Rob Jolly and attorney general Andrew McCutcheon held a press conference and assured the public that Pyramid was sound. In fact, Pyramid was not sound, but its rapid expansion had taken Pyramid well beyond the regulatory capabilities of the Registrar of Building Societies in Victoria” and then losing the lot…

    What person except an F’wit Victorian would ever believe a Victorian Politician ever again? That was Pyramid Building Society. coulda been Ponzi building Society just as easily, but as Victorians love being abused and bitch-slapped so much…what diff would it have made?

    I won’t go on. They vote Dan Andrews, cause MOST of them want batons and rubber bullets and arrests of pregnant sheilas and pepper-spraying of old ladies. The ones who genuinely don’t appreciate gross cruelty woulda left decades ago, wouldn’t they have? Well?

  18. rosie Avatar

    My 2 year grandson though.
    To his mother.
    ‘Don’t argue with me, I’m just a little boy.’
    Nothing wrong with this lockdown baby.

  19. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Govt Covid Stupidity Avatar
    Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Govt Covid Stupidity

    Min says:February 13, 2023 at 7:05 am
    …brothels were still open but playgrounds closed

    The science behind that is yet to be revealed.
    Popping that one into conversation is not well received by a believer of: “they acted in our best interests, using science”

  20. Annie Avatar

    Likewise, churches were closed while brothels were open. Not all Victorians voted for Dan; those who didn’t are desperately angry and upset. We are not all in a position to leave the state either. So don’t lump us all together. I loathe and have utter contempt for those who treated us in such an evil fashion.

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