Roundup Feb 26

Jo Nova honoured to be awarded the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award for 2023.  Previous winners include NASA Astronaut Walter Cunningham (Apollo 7), Dr Jay Lehr, Marc Morano, Christopher Monckton and Prof Fred Singer

The Energy Realists of Australia Jo Nova Quadrant on line

IPA         Climate and energy program  CIS          The Sydney Institute

Menzies Research Centre  Mannkal Economics Education Foundation          

Advance Australia  Taxpayers Alliance  Australian Inst for Progress

The Conservative Vagabond The Rathouse and The Site of Kilmeny 

The Indigenous Voice as National Group Therapy

Should we cancel vile artists?

No. Admire their talent and let the person without sin cast the first stone.

Another NO from Caroline Overington

On a lighter note. In praise of stoats

Who will speak for the unfairly misunderstood and maligned stoat?

Come on, admit it, they are cute as kittens!

Well what about baby stoats then?

Bettina Arndt on the Brittany Higgins case

4 responses to “Roundup Feb 26”

  1. Big_Nambas Avatar

    Jo Nova is a warrior and has been one of my favorite bloggers for many years, don’t forget to hit her tip jar.

  2. Vicki Avatar

    I am very happy to note that Ian Plimer will give a keynote address at the 15th International Climate Conference in Florida. I had heard he was quite ill. So it is fantastic to hear that he continues to be a wonderful warrior for truth in this contested field.

  3. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    She’s very good and prolific. Well deserved. Completely drowned out by you know who.

  4. Louis Litt Avatar

    Thanks Rafe – Betina Arndt article sews the pieces all together.

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