15 thoughts on “Life imitates art”

  1. I sometimes wonder if there will ever be real humour again, after all most of it is in making someone look ridiculous for real or perceived habits, beliefs or cultural custom etc. The very things that you’re not supposed to do or say, or even think nowadays. Until we have funny people who can make powerful people look silly not much will change.

  2. Thanks for the memories.
    Those were the days when people laughed at the very thought of men becoming women.
    Nowadays men say they are a woman and we are supposed to agree.
    Nah. They can F@#k off!

  3. It used to be called a ‘send up’. A lampooning joke, which no-one took seriously.
    Whatever happened to them?

  4. A send up could also contain a few home truths.

    In the hands of the wrong people, ill-intentioned, they were not always benign.

    But gee they were funny, even if sometimes you said oh, that’s going a bit far.


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