Dark deeds of the official wind watchers

Cockup or conspiracy?

The fourth in the series of Spectator articles on wind droughts pointed a finger of suspicion at the meteorologists for failing to issue wind drought warnings.

Was it just bad luck and bad judgement that accounted for the failure of the meteorologists to notice wind droughts? Or did it suit them to fiddle while the British and German economies burned?

Warming alarmism begat the net zero crusade and what begat warming alarmism? Fun fact: the lead agency to formalize climate concern on a “scientific” basis was the WMO, the World Meteorological Association, commissioned by the UN in 1961 to work with the ICSU, the International Council for Science (ICSU) to develop a Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP).

GARP’s good work paved the way for the next great leap forward to promote concern about the “climate crisis”. Another major UN report on climate change was commissioned in 1974 and then in 1979 the WMO, in cooperation with a number of other UN agencies, organized a World Climate Conference

In brief, meteorologists have their fingerprints all over the climate science story and their agencies in every nation in the world have busy adjusting the official records to maintain the climate rage and the policies that follow from it, most obviously the subsidised and mandated corruption of the power grid by intermittent wind and solar power.

Wind droughts are the fatal flaw in the RE program and if they had been generally appreciated at the beginning the wind and solar industries could have been aborted until storage is available in some future life.

The four articles in the wind drought series in The Spectator can be found in the Basic Information Pack issued by The Energy Realists of Australia.

13 thoughts on “Dark deeds of the official wind watchers”

  1. Bad luck or bad judgement?

    I would reckon it is ignorance. Ignorance about actual weather across our wide brown land, and the difference between it and models. Ignorance that interpolated grid data is not the same as actually observed, point source data. Ignorance that statistical averages and variability are not in fact, the same as actual, realised variability on the ground.

    Ignorance of the difference between modellers staring at a pair of screens in climate controlled, air conditioned offices in Melbourne and the falling numbers of meteorologists prepared to maintain even the met station networks outback we had as recently as twenty years ago. Close the met stations and interpolate “observations” from met stations tens if not hundreds of kms away and be ignorant of the implications..

  2. I started off thinking good people were just make poor choices. Then i believed it was one cock- up after another. However once i saw how coordinated and effective the successive campaigns have been I am heading down the conspiracy path. ‘Renewable’ enegery for the Western world is just one theatre of action. The wilful sidelining of contra evidence is no cock-up. It is intentional and dangerous. Unfortunately there will be no push back until the blackouts commence. So the sooner the better.

  3. Once upon a time there was a High School subject called
    “Geography”. What happened to it?
    It seems ignorance is a point of honour these days, rather than the opposite.

  4. I suspect that they believe that the problem will be solved with a bit of “demand side management” which, translated, means “massive blackouts”.

    I suspect that the people involved know little about power systems and don’t even think about the damage that is done by frequent and prolonged blackouts.

    “When you have to choose between stupidity and conspiracy, choose stupidity every time”.

  5. I am with the above comments, ignorance is not the case of our energy malaise. In my opinion it is an international coordinated deliberate effort to force a falsified science upon the world with the malice-a-forethought intent to generate massive financial gain at the expense of the world’s working people. And the effort has succeeded so far with scientifically falsified reports from such as the IPCC evident to real scientists.
    The tax payers around the world, not least in Australia, are being ripped off on all quarters by RE operators aided and abetted by corrupt governments – all of them

  6. In brief, meteorologists have their fingerprints all over the climate science story…

    It wasn’t just meteorologists at the World Climate Conference in 1979; it was muslti-discilpinary. Must have been a lot of research funding on offer.

  7. At 8.00pm tonight Sunday 3o April only 2% wind energy being generated across the five Eastern States. Not much return on investment from all those expensive wind turbines that are standing idle.

  8. mem is correct – 2% Sunday evening but also 3% on Saturday evening. Lasting most of the night both times.

  9. As I said in the OT, the small and declining percentage of ‘journalists’ who understand arithmetic and basic mathematics is in no small part responsible for these travesties.

  10. No. It’s the obsession with ‘The Science’. If an appliance fails in your house, you don’t call a scientist to explain why, you call a technician to fix it. Engineers say the proposals to ‘fix’ the climate won’t. work. Believe them.

  11. The whole issue of “climate change”, aka CAGW, is astonishing. The only historical event that provides a clear parallel is the tragic and quite appalling cattle-killing cult of the Xhosa people in the 1850s. But what’s our excuse? Boredom of the affluent? Perhaps the racialist scientism of National Socialism is another likeness. Bolshevism, too, was reckoned scientific. Contempt for the ordinary, especially of persons, is one element.

    A feature of Anzac is the ordinariness of the volunteer army of 1914–1918. Two elements are worth contemplating. First, all could sing, not least did they sing the great hymns. Secondly, and related, many could write well. Of how many from the same social milieux could you say that today? There is a relation between the loss of language of the general public and net-Zero mania.


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