Famous last words “green investment opportunities”

Australia is on the cusp of a surge of private investment in climate initiatives, according to the new chairwoman of the Climate Council, well-known businesswoman and philanthropist Carol Schwartz.

“What’s exciting now for business is that we have a government that’s very supportive of initiatives to address climate action, and we have businesses that are looking for great investments,” she says. “So I think we’re on the cusp of some very exciting new investment strategies by business in climate tech and climate opportunities. There are a huge lot of new opportunities opening up.”

13 thoughts on “Famous last words “green investment opportunities””

  1. Grifters are always grifters even if they call themselves philanthropists. Nobody was ever stopping the philanthropists before from investing in renewables but lots of government money being thrown about in the form of subsidies is just too good to pass up.

  2. A company I invested in recently received a grant from the “climate fund” for $21 million.

    I made a critical comment about it on a trading blog and some clown came back at me saying the government would have done great due diligence before committing.

    Words fail me!!

  3. The Climate Council is a non-profit organisation set up to provide independent
    information on climate change solutions. S

    Rightio … and I saw a flying elephant yesterday!

  4. How about posting a list of the successful businessmen who have promoted the spectacularly unsuccessful.green ‘projects’? Maybe sending them broke would convey a message?

  5. I think the lady is optimistic; or is it a case of “Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?”

    The Queensland government was so frustrated at the lack of private investment in renewable projects – despite subsidies – they decided they would have to be largely publicly funded and owned.

    They’ve raised royalties on minerals to extraordinary levels to pay for it.


  6. Leabrae says:
    April 30, 2023 at 9:20 am
    Terminate subsidies. Then get back to us.

    After 50 years surely solar is now an old technology and should not need propping up. As for wind turbines, why did the Dutch stop using them in favour of electricity and fossil fuels?

  7. If it is so good, why didn’t they leave it there?

    I have studied with Power for more than 20 years and noted the huge number of prototypes of different sorts that never get beyond the prototype stage.

    It’s easy to make a machine that generates electricity from waves but virtually impossible to make a machine that will also survive a storm.

  8. These investments are on farmers land.
    Nobody is speaking up for the food sector and the damage that every renewable energy project causes.
    They are an extractive industry that provide virtually nothing to the local rural community and create hazards and costs that are not recouped.
    A few hundred grand thrown around for community groups is a pittance compared to the money made by green companies who are encouraged and sanctioned to feed on the consumer.

  9. Brown Leyland
    I recall not the late 2000, about the time of the gfc there was a bright Chinese guy who was finalising a machine which would convert wave motion into energy in Georgia USA.
    Have not heard of it since.
    Went to inventors assoc meeting with an engineering prof inventing metal tubes in sea water to turn this water into fresh water. The hands on guys could not see this happening.


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