The first Roundup

From CIS Policy quarterly in Winter 1989

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  1. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    Rafe the Rolling Stone will never actually retire, he will just keep going on Best Hits reunion tours.

  2. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    Against Inflation / Moscow News said:

    Labour productivity must be lifted at the same time to avoid depression under the influx of new money.

    So when there is hardly any more productivity that can be milked out of Aussie workers today but the RBA keeps pumping money into the economy anyway, the predictable result would be…. hmmm!

    Could we get Doc and Marty to transport these enlightened Soviet citizens into an RBA board meeting in about 2010 so their sage advice might improve our life in 2023?

  3. Johnny Rotten Avatar

    There is no longer any Free Enterprise. Or Capitalism. There is only Crony Capitalism and Marxism. They work together like a load of Gangsters. Just like the Banksters.

    Just like there is no Free Speech.

    Meanwhile, back to the Sports Channel and the Bread and Circus for the Masses……………..

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