The return of the triffids

Triffids first appeared in a post-apocalyptic novel in the 1951 that depicted a swarm of people-eating monster plants stalking the countryside. Apparently they were bioengineered in a secret laboratory in the USSR and accidentally got released into the wild (yes we have heard that one before.)

The modern triffids are made of steel, stand taller than the Sydney harbour bridge and they devastate the countryside through a long trail from mining to disposal of toxic junk.

What exactly are triffids?

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  1. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Good analogy Rafe.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    These triffids mostly don’t eat people. Their prey are birds, bats and, more recently, whales.

    (It’s been fun to watch the usual suspects tying themselves into contortions about the whale deaths, which cannot CANNOT be due to Gaia’s holy wind turbines, when they were all over the PEP-11 gas project off Ncl because of the supposed threat to whales. Hypocrisy much.)

  3. duncanm Avatar

    Bruce, note the Southern Right Whale – Threats, specifically with respect to the proposed offshore farm at Stockton bight.

    Collision with boats and other marine traffic (e.g. shipping, cruise ships, fishing vessels) causing injury or mortality TICK
    Building or placing of infrastructure such as wharves or aquaculture equipment in the 5-10 m watermark of sheltered areas may impact upon females. TICK
    Disturbance (e.g. recreational boating, whale watching, jetskis, kayaks) disturbing the species, altering behaviour and displacing the species from habitat areas TICK
    Noise (e.g. offshore gas exploration, seismic testing, vessels, maintenance, dredging, pile driving, ports, ships, cruises) disturbing, displacing, or injuring the species TICK

  4. Vagabond Avatar

    Take a look at

    (part 1 of 2 videos)

    A good discussion of the waste and ineffectiveness of modern triffids.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Duncan – While writing my comment, and finding the link I included, I had a look at the whales vs NJ offshore windfarm thing and my screen just about melted with hysterical WINDFARMS DO NOT KILL WHALES “factchecks” from all the usual suspects. It was hilarious. Like a nerve had been hit.

  6. Enyaw Avatar

    I thought the modern day triffids came from Wuhan .

  7. Bruce Avatar


    THAT was just a practice run.

  8. lotocoti Avatar

    Recently dusted of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.
    Metal monsters, built by minds immeasurably superior to ours*,
    striding across the landscape…

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