Lets all follow Germany

Germany led the way into the green energy future with the Energiewende, launched at the turn of the century. Driven by The Greens they set out to close their coal power plants and also their nuclear power fleet.

They are now going into recession.

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5 responses to “Lets all follow Germany”

  1. Alamak! Avatar


    a bit older but same results and some good insights the failed response of mainstream politicians to energy policy changes.

  2. Roger W Avatar
    Roger W

    Western Society clearly wants to destroy itself.
    An interesting psychological study but its a bit tough being part of that study!
    The Madness of Crowds, I suppose.

  3. Rufus T Firefly Avatar
    Rufus T Firefly

    Industry is leaving Germany “en masse”.
    The main reason is the massively high energy costs, but luckily, this action will lead to less “emissions”, which of course, will please Gaia.

    The only problem is, factories are now being set up, in Asia, that will use less expensive energy.
    Is that energy “emission-less”? Well, let us ask an expert, ……, like
    “Australian of the Year 2007” – Professor Tim Flannery. He’s always on the money.

    So the result is, at least as much upsetting of Gaia, unemployment in Germany, and a lot of very happy Asians.
    Another massive success for the German Greens.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Lets not follow Germany.
    Germans go collectively mad every few generations.
    This is one such episode.

    (Unfortunately Bowen seems to want to. Maybe it’s cultural cringe, all the kool kids are European.)

  5. Roger W Avatar
    Roger W

    With Bowen it is small man syndrome.

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