Rafe’s Roundup 5 August


True Arrow Events promoting freedom of speech, critical thinking and the exchange of ideas.

Kel Richards Ozwords defending plain language and clear communication. Read his column on his Ozwords site today to see what he wrote about “truth telling” proposed by the Albanese Government. Scary stuff!

The Great Misinformation Panic from Dara Macdonald.


Coming soon The Free Speech Union of Australia! Get in early, sign up here before its too late. It’s later than you think

The usual suspects

The Energy Realists    The Australian Spectator    Centre for Independent Studies Conservative Vagabond   Jo Nova     The Monarchists   Quadrant   The Free Press   Bettina Arndt   Menzies Research Centre   IPA       The Sydney Institute   Mannkal   CIS   Taxpayers   Alexandra Marshall `   Australian Institute for Progress

3 responses to “Rafe’s Roundup 5 August”

  1. Roger Avatar

    Coming soon The Free Speech Union of Australia! Get in early, sign up here before its too late. It’s later than you think

    Damn straight!

  2. Beertruk Avatar

    Ta Rafe.
    Just read your link for Kel Richard’s Ozwords.
    Brilliantly reasoned and articulated.

  3. Nelson_Kidd-Players Avatar

    Kel has a guest spot on John Stanley’s night show once a week. Always a good listen. I find it listenable at double speed on headphones.

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  1. Pleasant surprise whilst out riding this morning .. NSW State Rail has re-surfaced the 1& 1/2kms “goat track” they created…

  2. Quite a remarkable catalogue when you list them out like that. Truly one of Hollywood’s underrated directors.