Beware of pink and green Liberals

Using nuclear power as a trojan horse

The Liberal Party has been plagued by pink and green rats in the ranks since the first emergence in the 1960s of the self-style “moderates” in NSW fighting the so-called “Uglies” for control of the party.

Possibly the most destructive blow struck by the rats was the assassination of Tony Abbott. It will be interesting to compare the roster of the assassins with the latest list of rats in the ranks which can be found on the website of The Coalition Climate Network.

This is the list.

The push for nuclear power is important but we will have to keep the coal fires burning for many years to keep the lights on. 

The push for nuclear power must not be allowed to function as a trojan horse to conceal pink and green rats in the ranks who push the fake science of dangerous warming and the preposterous (and impossible) goal of net zero. Gas is their target!

And what about the prominent Liberals who support The Racist Voice!

19 responses to “Beware of pink and green Liberals”

  1. miltonf Avatar

    Disappointed to see Jacinta Price there

  2. Damon Avatar

    No-one can be right all the time. She’s doing a good job so far.

  3. Old Lefty Avatar
    Old Lefty

    We now have the spectacle of Matt Kean denouncing Minns, a Labor premier, for being too right wing and pro-fossil-fuel.

  4. wal1957 Avatar

    There are a few notable exceptions but at this point I would guess that there is 50% or more “pink and green” liberals in the “conservative” liberal party.

    No wonder that I can’t vote for the “conservative” liberal party anymore and haven’t done so for a number of years.

    Stupid F*n liberals!

  5. Muddy Avatar

    The Lieborals are the party you settle for, rather than one which triggers your passion. A party of convenience, because having a party in which no-one enjoys themselves is better than having no party at all. Maybe they’ll change. Maybe we can change them. We loved them once, and they loved us. Right? Didn’t they?

    I’d rather be an informal, a ‘wasted vote/r’ than continue in an unhealthy political relationship.

    The Libs have been D.E.D. dead to me for half a dozen years. After the covidiocy, they are fossilised imprints.

    I deserve better.

  6. Miltonf Avatar

    We all do. Australia does.

  7. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    A moment tragically missed was that offered by the Warringah Motion.

    So many Liberals terrified by the prospect of earning their branch members’ goodwill when they knew they only had their position through patronage.

  8. Charles Avatar

    What a bunch of numbskulls! Obviously none of them can count, let alone think for themselves. It’s the idea that 1-2 % of one Greenhouse gas (CO2) has more control over the climate than the other Greenhouse gases 97-98% (mostly water vapour) that astounds me the most. Who would think that is plausible or right (except for some exceedingly uninformed politicians obviously)?

    They are nothing more than useful idiots for the renewable energy industry who flatters and panders to their egos so that they will then produce those economy crushing mandates and associated subsidies without ever bothering to check the underlying facts regarding the matter they are making these decisions on. This then allows the rent-seeker industry to gorges itself to the detriment of everyone else.

    Strangely enough, like all of the Left they lack any sense of self-awareness of what they are doing.

  9. Dot Avatar

    Nuclear power is the only way out of the suicidal tendency to ban gas, oil and coal.

    China is building two new coal-fired power stations every week?

    People who think a carbon tax or renewables in Australia will make a difference if a difference can be made at all, are beyond delusional.

  10. lemmiwinks Avatar

    Here’s a joke for you:

    Why isn’t China worried about climate change?

    They already have a communist government.

  11. Kingsley Avatar

    I don’t have the knowledge myself and happy to be told by someone who does, that I am wrong, but I can’t help but wonder that if nuclear hadn’t been so effectively demonised since 3 Mile Island, that it would by now, via technological improvement, be so much more a cheap and efficient energy source that even coal in Australia couldn’t compete

  12. Viva Avatar

    Chris Minns is negotiating to keep Eraring open

    He seems much more sensible than the likes of Matt Kean – almost like old Labor

  13. miltonf Avatar

    As I’ve said before, that pathetic excuse of a government in NSW from 2012(?) to 2023 was more left than Wran or Carr.

  14. Old Lefty Avatar
    Old Lefty

    ‘more left than Wran or Carr’

    McKell, Cahill and Renshaw would have today’s pink Liberals rolling their eyes, and the woke left foaming at the mouth and convulsing on the floor.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    we will have to keep the coal fires burning for many years to keep the lights on

    Encouragingly Labor in NSW are quietly starting to recognizing that.

    NSW government seeks extension of coal-fired power plant (Ncl local news, 5 Sep)

    The NSW government plans to extend the life of Australia’s largest coal plant after a report revealed there’s a risk renewable projects won’t plug the energy gap when the plant retires.

    The Eraring coal power station near Newcastle, owned by Origin Energy, was set to close in 2025 as part of the state’s move towards renewable energy.

    But the state government will now “engage with Origin” to seek an extension of the plant’s life span amid concerns new green energy projects wouldn’t be delivered quickly enough to supply the energy gap left by the power plant.

    It comes after the Electricity Supply and Reliability Check Up report recommended extending the life of the power station.

    “One of the biggest challenges facing NSW is ensuring we can keep the lights on while managing the biggest change in energy mix and consumption in the shortest period of time in our nation’s history,” Premier Chris Minns said.

    Baby steps.

  16. m0nty Avatar

    Assemble the circular firing squad!

  17. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Bugger orf Fat Boy.

    You have proven your insanity amply with the number of leftard talking points you have posted over the years, no need to empathise the point.

  18. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Hopefully Monty has a good diesel backup generator to cover for coming blackouts. His business will need that, or he’ll lose customers.

  19. Fast Bowler Avatar
    Fast Bowler

    Monty has customers? Beyond belief.

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