How to be useful: A guide for Idiots

I suppose if I hadn’t read Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray, Irshad Manji, Robert Spencer, Oriana Fallaci, Mark Durie, Michel Houellebecq and number of others; if I hadn’t often dipped into the Koran and the Hadith to check on what malign drivel was being said and written; if I hadn’t heard of Charlie Hebdo, Manchester Arena, 7/7 and 9/11, and so on, ad infinitum; if I was ignorant of the growth of no-go areas in western Europe; if I hadn’t seen the despicable Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun celebrating the Hamas slaughter of men women, children, and babies (and babies!); if I was blissfully unaware of chants of “gas the Jews” at the Sydney Opera House; if I did not know that Islamic terrorism was responsible for over 44,000 deadly attacks since 9/11 – I might be a useful idiot.

As it is, I recognise Islam as a creed which can warp the minds of its devout followers and which therefore throws up a continual stream of barbarism. That Muslims make up around 25% of the world’s population illustrates the size of the threat faced by those defending western civilisation; and by those enjoying its benefits, without realising how tenuous its hold is becoming. Let me be even clearer. Adult Germans living from 1935 to 1945 were not all, or mostly, monsters. But great numbers were followers of a monstrous creed. That makes them complicit and enablers. And let there be little doubt, mostly enthusiastic overlords, if they’d won.

So my advice to idiots is to read, see and hear nothing of truth, objectivity and honest to goodness common sense and skepticism. That way you will remain vacuous ready to be filled by propaganda. Apropos the climate emergency, the “generous offer” of the Voice, that sex is merely a social construct, and fake stories of Islamophobia. Like Anthony Albanese you will never condemn antisemitism without also enjoining a Muslim / Palestinian prayer point. Like Penny Wong and Zoe Daniel you will know nothing about the rules of war but won’t let that stop you making inane anti-Israeli prejudicial comments. 

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  1. Damon Avatar

    Ain’t democracy great?

  2. 2dogs Avatar

    I can’t take a religion seriously unless it is celebrated in a broadway musical.

  3. Tom Avatar

    Thanks, Peter. A beaut little read.

  4. The Bungonia Bee Avatar
    The Bungonia Bee

    There is no excuse for what the majority of the media are doing, and have been doing for ages. The latest example is reporting that Elon Musk’s X has placed ads by major corporations near items that they would not choose to appear near, such as neo-nazi stuff, anti-Semitic stuff.
    Musk is going to sue the arse off Media Matters, and should go for every news service that has helped promulgate the nonsense.

  5. C. Paul Barreira Avatar
    C. Paul Barreira

    But some inquiry is needed, urgently. For instance, why have no Australian churches made any statement, either independently or co-operatively, regarding antisemitism, not least in Australia. Why have the same churches not expressed support for Israel in its travail? The Anglican Primate has yet to remove a libel regarding the Anglican hospital in Gaza. Is it because they are pacifist? And thus passive to the evil done on 7 October? Daily Declaration announces a new book on Jesus: frankly, so what?

  6. flyingduk Avatar

    And you wonder why people like us, who read history, are such a threat to our wise rulers, and need soon to be silenced by ‘disinformation laws’?

    They want us fat dumb and happy (spoiler alert – they dont want us happy) – human pandas in their ’15 minute feedlots’ – and any and all scrub bulls will be culled.

  7. Bruce Avatar

    The churches have been under assault for a LONG time.

    The soviets raised it to an art form; subverting doctrine and bending shallow minds in hungry bodies. First at “home” then as a global export. Much as “Greenpiece” was a soviet plaything, so was the “World Council of Churches”, bit it was marginally more ‘subtle’. See also the “revolutionary theology” that ran rampant in Central and South America for decades.

    All of this was going on whilst the soviets thought they were cultivating and co-opting islam, whereas, it was the reverse. Islam had unhitched from Hitlers, broken down old nag and signed on with the new “strong horse”, the soviets. An interesting arrangement, if ever there was one.

    The Anglicans / episcopalians were an obvious target, but one only has to look at the current head honcho in the Vatican, to understand the scale of that fall. There was a LOT of “Happy-Clappy” feel-good stuff doing the rounds of Protestantism in the 60’s and 70’s. The Catholic version was the “Charismatic renewal” movement.

    Interestingly, it seems that the ones most immersed in their own dogma are also most susceptible to subversion / conversion.. Basic binary logic; not enough informed contemplation going on, in many cases. “Corporate mergers” were a bit of a thing. By the 1980s there was a quiet backlash; one of the more obvious rebels was the Prebyterian Church. Hence the quiet resurgence of the “Continuing Presbyterians”. Fewer “frills”, less dogma, more scripture and application. No idea how they are going these days; I lapsed, decades ago, to embark on my own “long search”.

    Doctrinaire Catholics seem to make up a disproportionate percentage od socialist ”
    revolutionaries and spokes-folks.

    Interestingly, people who grew up under communism seem to make some of the staunchest opponents of it in later life, often with an associated strong religious faith.

    Similar burrons to push; but with different intent?

  8. Ceres Avatar

    Spot on again Peter. Always love to see a new article from you. So readable.
    I too have been following Robert Spencer for years after reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is another great brave voice having left islam which is a big no no.
    Brigitte Gabriel has an interesting Youtube clip on “the peaceful majority are irrelevant”. It’s a bit blurry but she nails it.
    Here in Australia many companies are funding islamic halal (permitted or lawful) where they pay fees so that their product can be certified halal. eg Cadbury chocolate, Devondale, Steggles, Herbert Adams. I avoid them. Bit by bit islam encroaches as their numbers increase and one day the asleep at the wheel mob will squeal, how on earth did it happen?

  9. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    my advice to idiots is to read, see and hear nothing of truth, objectivity and honest to goodness common sense

    Would Peter like to explain how the opposite of progress and betterment is going to lead to progress and betterment? Is this some 5D chess thing?
    If it were descriptive or hypothetical I’d understand, but you’re being prescriptive there.
    That sentence is just out of place with every other part. It interferes with your overall message which is still relatively clear: that when you act out ideas you find out from the consequence whether they are good, and there’s a bunch of ideas that don’t deserve equal treatment because the life they produce is horrid and people wouldn’t support them if they connected the ideas with their consequences.

  10. Ceres Avatar

    Idiots are entitled to their own usually ignorant opinions but not their own facts. Unfortunately access to limitless information has not made these people any wiser. Too many of them care more about looking like they are doing the right thing rather than actually doing the right thing. Happy to be part of the herd with no critical thinking or research skills. Unfortunately compulsory voting ensures they also vote.

  11. Patrick Kelly Avatar
    Patrick Kelly

    It is a tenet of Islam that civil authority has no legitimacy. Or so I understand it. Therein lies the problem.

  12. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    Read also Harry Richardson’s “The Story of Mohammed”.

  13. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    [They’re] Happy to be part of the herd with no critical thinking or research skills. Unfortunately compulsory voting ensures they also vote.

    That’s just it though. We do have 12 years of compulsory education prior to the person becoming *eligible* to vote, and they are not required to vote until they have registered on the electoral role. So it’s people registering to vote but not taking it seriously, and twelve years of education that has apparently left them unable to discern the facts even when they have the inclination.

  14. Vicki Avatar

    I have come late to this thread – but I can feel your anger and despair, Peter.

    You are right – if you do not have an appreciation of critical thinking and the search for evidence, you will not be able to strip away the subtle barriers the MSM put up.

    Sadly, two generations (at least) of Marxist infiltration of our teaching profession has all but destroyed the western traditions of the search for an understanding of our world.

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