Nasty Projects in Play

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Project amendments are proceeding without referral back for submissions, e.g. Liverpool Range Wind Farm –  SSD-6696-Mod-1  EXH-67001459, increased tip height to 215m, increased vegetation clearing, but reduced turbines from 267 to 185.

Battery projects and enlargement are also being approved without consultation. There has been an explosion of utility scale batteries since the Governments underwriting scheme (value undisclosed). The Government has also been funding many through ARENA. In 2023 eight projects for 2GW worth A$2.7BLN were financially supported.

In addition to arbitrage opportunities, other financial benefits for battery projects are given through the proposed congestion relief market, ‘firm’ offtake arrangements, FCAS services, sub-FCAS services, novel offtake structures, revenue sharing arrangements, support agreements, and policies such as the Government’s Capacity Investment Scheme and transmission access reforms.




14/2/24 Gippsland Offshore Marine Survey

 4/3/24  VNI West, Transgrids preferred route


5/2/24   NSW South West REZ

6/2/24   Pottinger Wind

8/2/24   Aust. Energy Market Commission rule changes

9/2/24   GenCost draft

9/2/24   AEMO’s Draft 2024 Forecasting Assumptions Update

9/2/24   Forecasting Assumptions and Gencost

9/2/24   Legislation on climate-related financial disclosures

9/2/24   Sandy Creek Solar, Dunedoo NSW

12/2/24 IPCN Hills of Gold Wind Farm

16/2/24 Draft ISP

16/2/24 Victorian Transmission

19/2/24 Gelliondale Wind, Vic

19/2/24 Senate  Protecting the Spirit of Sea Country Bill 2023

23/2/24 Offshore Storage

24/2/24 Punchs Creek Solar, Toowoomba

March     Transgrid 8km Mount piper to Wallerawang

22/3/24 House of Reps, enquiry into EVs

22/3/24 House of Reps, EV’s and Batteries

30/3/24 Australia’s new Nature Positive laws

15/5/24 South West REZ

6/2/24 Pottinger Wind, Jerilderie NSW,108turbines, 280m high, 750MW, BESS 500MW/2hr details:  submissions

8/2/23 Australian Energy Market Commission, AEMC, rule changes, a) concessional finance for transmission and b) to modify depreciation timing; both to speed up projects

9/2/23 Draft Forecasting Assumptions  2023/24


submissions [email protected] 

9/2/24 GenCost draft Report


Submissions to [email protected]

9/2/24Exposure draft legislation on climate-related financial disclosures to amend Corporations Act and ASIC Act

9/2/24 Sandy Creek Solar, Dunedoo NSW,700MW, BESS 700MW/2hr

12/2/24 IPCN Hills of Gold Wind, Nundle, 64turbines, BESS 100MW, $826M Submission

14/2/24 Gippsland Offshore Wind Farm Marine Survey Investigations, Orsted, 8,300Kms sq

16/2/24 Victorian Transmission

16/2/23 Draft ISP details  details from Climate Change Authority <[email protected]>

19/2/24 Gelliondale Wind, 13turbines, BESS, 14kms of access tracks

23/2/24 amendments to Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 by Protecting the Spirit of Sea Country Bill 2023 to consult First Nations people 


24/2/24 Punchs Creek, Millmerran, Toowoomba 800MW, BESS250MW/1hr details

Submissions to The Toowoomba Regional Council

March Transgrid 8km Mount Piper to Wallerawang


4/3/24 Transgrids VNI West preferred route

22/3/23 House of Reps, EV’s and EV Batteries, details

30/3/24 Australia’s new Nature Positive laws,  EPBC Act reform – DCCEEW, to allow faster decisions

15/5/24 South West REZ


William Shackell petition- Will needs another 10,000



Feb6th Reliable Energy Rally to March on Canberra 

February 13, 2024 Australian Energy & Battery Storage Conference, Sydney

March 11-12, 2024 Financial Review BHP Business Summit 2024

March 19-21, 2024 Energy Networks 2024 Conference + Exhibition, Adelaide

March 25-28, 2024 Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference, Sydney

TWO – NSW project pipeline


Request for Sears

Glen Innes BESS

Romani Solar, Hay

Amended Application

Goulburn River Solar BESS to increase to one 450MW and one 580MW from the 2021 proposed 260MW/2hr


Global investment in the low-carbon energy transition surged 17% in

2023, reaching US$1.77 trillion, according to BNEF’s flagship, Energy

Transition Investment Trends 2024.

However renewables are hardly visible in the following graph of 45 years since IPCC was mooted. Good interactive map

Global direct primary energy consumptionEnergy consumption is measured in terawatt-hours, in terms of direct primary energy. This means that fossil fuels include the energy lost due to inefficiencies in energy



Environmental Defenders Office, EDO, under intense criticism.


In QLD last week the first Australian behind the meter (demand management) application was applied by turning down air conditioners. Smart meters will also allow access to home batteries and plugged in EVs. Residents with CPAP breathing machines are exempt with a doctors certificate.


SunWiz said 10 new solar farms totalling 1.1 GW came online in 2023, a 60% reduction on the 2.9 GW that started producing energy in 2022, and the worst year for solar farms since before their rollout began in earnest in 2018.

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