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21/2/24 Brigalow Peaking Plant, QLD

4/3/24  New Vehicle Emissions Standard


12/2/24 IPCN Hills of Gold Wind Farm

14/2/24 Gippsland Offshore Marine Survey

16/2/24 Draft ISP

16/2/24 Victorian Transmission

19/2/24 Gelliondale Wind, Vic

19/2/24 Senate  Protecting the Spirit of Sea Country Bill 2023

23/2/24 Offshore Storage

24/2/24 Punchs Creek Solar, Toowoomba

March24 Transgrid 8km Mount piper to Wallerawang

4/3/24   VNI West, Transgrids preferred route

22/3/24 House of Reps, enquiry into EVs

22/3/24 House of Reps, EV’s and Batteries

30/3/24 Australia’s new Nature Positive laws

15/5/24 South West REZ

12/2/24 IPCN Hills of Gold Wind, Nundle, 64turbines, BESS 100MW, $826M Submission

14/2/24 Gippsland Offshore Wind Farm Marine Survey Investigations, Orsted, 8,300Kms sq

16/2/24 Victorian Transmission

16/2/23 Draft ISP details  details from Climate Change Authority <[email protected]>

19/2/24 Gelliondale Wind, 13turbines, BESS, 14kms of access tracks

21/2/24 Brigalow Peaking Plant, Kogan QLD, 400MW, 12turbines, Gas, Hydrogen capable, standby diesel generator for turbine black starts in the event of grid failure;

23/2/24 amendments to Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 by Protecting the Spirit of Sea Country Bill 2023 to consult First Nations people 


24/2/24 Punchs Creek, Millmerran, Toowoomba 800MW, BESS250MW/1hr details

Submissions to The Toowoomba Regional Council

March Transgrid 8km Mount Piper to Wallerawang


4/3/24 New Vehicle Emissions Standard

4/3/24 Transgrids VNI West preferred route

22/3/23 House of Reps, EV’s and EV Batteries, details

30/3/24 Australia’s new Nature Positive laws,  EPBC Act reform – DCCEEW, to allow faster decisions

15/5/24 South West REZ




February 13, 2024 Australian Energy & Battery Storage Conference, Sydney

February 17th Kilkivan, Mary River Legal Info Session.  RSVP [email protected]

February 26-27 Melbourne Offshore Wind Conference

TWO – NSW project pipeline


Request for Sears

Yanco BESS

Lambruk Solar, Tamworth

Murrumburrah BESS, Young

Monaro Solar


The EU adopts Nuclear 

EU-Turn: Brussels Finally Recognizes Nuclear Power as “Strategic” For Green GoalsThe EU now aims to deploy subsidized reactors by 2030—despite Commission president saying the opposite last


Reckless Renewables Rally video. Was that Paul Hogan at 12:19pm?


Fluorescent tubes light up under transmission lines

Fluorescent tube lights under transmission linesIt is not good for you to be near transmission lines for long periods of time but for a little experiment we took the participants of the EMF2 practical EMF consultant training workshop to transmission lines and let them see the effects of the radiation on fluorescent lights (tube lights). The way you hold them has an effect on how ‘well’ they …

SEVEN Solar farms on Defence establishments in the Northern Territory (i) Robertson Barracks – 9.2 Megawatts (ii) RAAF Base Darwin – 3.3 Megawatts are made to comply with the NT government’s strict generator performance standards, to operate in a scheduled way, sustaining the exported power at their dispatch target during each dispatch interval. They are backed with small battery energy storage systems (BESS).


The Palmerston BESS 346MW/692MWhr south of Launceston, was unanimously approved by Northern Midlands Council in November 2023, only four months after its submission. 


Miele relocates from Germany to Poland

German manufacturing giant Miele cuts thousands of jobs, relocates production to PolandGerman manufacturing giant Miele has announced it is laying off thousands of jobs in Germany and relocating positions to Poland due to the deteriorating financial climate in Europe’s powerhouse economy. The household and commercial appliances maker informed employees at several production sites across Germany on Tuesday that up to 2,000 jobs are to be cut […]


Gerard Reid, Alexa Capital, illustrated his talk with

Over a decade, an astonishing 413 GW of solar generation capacity was deployed globally. Global wind installations also reached record levels in 2023, approaching 105 GW.


Interactive map of Hunter Transmission Project

printable map of corridor


Poyet’s 500 page e book


Monaro Plain is called the Coonerang Wind Farm –   25+ turbines, currently at 266 metres high

Protect the Monaro video

Protect The MonaroDonate here: Copy & paste link into your browser. REAL Monaro is a community group aimed at fighting the proposed Coonerang Windfarm project in the NSW Monaro region …


This a dark day for the rule of law said the Manhattan Contrarian about Michael Mann’s defamation win regarding his hockey stick graph. I think this is astounding.
Trial Of Mann v. Steyn, Part V: Jury Instructions And Closing Argument — Manhattan ContrarianAs I write this on the afternoon of Thursday February 8, the jury is deliberating in the Mann v. Steyn case. They could come back at any time, so I’ll try to write this quickly in order that the post is not obsolete already when it is posted. The last day of trial, yesterday, was devoted to


Humelink, many public meetings detailed

ENDS 10/2/24

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Preview YouTube video Reckless renewables Rally

Reckless renewables RallyPreview YouTube video Fluorescent tube lights under transmission linesFluorescent tube lights under transmission linesPreview YouTube video Protect The MonaroProtect The Monaro

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