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The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1559

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  1. Winston Smith Avatar

    I’m still waiting for the URL you were getting me.
    You wouldn’t be dodging the issue would you?
    You’ve suddenly found something better to talk about, haven’t you?
    Dodging again.
    Winston 7
    JC 0

  2. Muddy Avatar

    Feb 15, 2024 7:27 PM


    Wow indeed.
    Thanks for that link.

  3. JC Avatar


    You have the date you posted that sludge. If you want to URL, as I said, you have to say please.

    Now go troll someone else.

  4. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Political and Jewish leaders raise Clementine Ford curatorship red flag after creatives doxxing

    By alexi demetriadi
    NSW Political Reporter
    8:47PM February 15, 2024

    MPs and Jewish leaders have raised concerns with feminist ­author and celebrity blogger Clementine Ford’s “curatorship” of a Sydney Opera House festival following her involvement in a doxxing of about 600 Jewish ­creatives.

    Ford is a co-curator of March’s All About Women festival, which will “explore big ideas important to women … through conversations, panels and workshops”.

    However, political and Jewish leaders have raised concerns given her recent involvement in disseminating the details of Jewish creatives from a leaked Whats­App group, with Vaucluse Liberal NSW MP Kellie Sloane demanding answers from Premier Chris Minns.

    “(Ford) … has a history of being divisive on justice and equality ­issues,” Ms Sloane wrote in a letter to the Premier and Arts Minister John Graham, who has responsibility for the Opera House.

    “Ms Ford has, among other comments, accused Jewish women of being ‘enthusiastic supporters of a murderous regime that has been killing children for over 70 years’ … She was also ­exposed for ‘doxxing’ Jewish ­creatives.”

    Last Friday, Ford shared screenshots of a leaked Whats­App group of Jewish creatives, including names and professions, and a link to a website listing the members.

    “These are divisive actions that are contrary to the aims of the festival,” Ms Sloane wrote, asking how Ford was appointed and whether there would be a ­“diversity of perspectives”.

    Ms Sloane said on Thursday that “Ford’s divisive comments are contrary to the festival’s aims, which are supposed to be about justice and equality”, adding that many in the community would feel “uncomfortable” attending.
    ‘No sympathy’ for anti-Israel activists who doxxed almost 600 Jewish people
    The Spectator Australia’s Australiana Podcast Host Will Kingston says he has no sympathy for the anti-Israel… activists who doxxed almost 600 people in a WhatsApp group chat. Victoria Police had already confirmed it was investigating potential criminal breaches relating to the WhatsApp group chat. “I’m always delicate when it comes More

    In announcing her role, Ford referenced a “diabolical” campaign “run in secret” to silence pro-Palestine voices.

    One of Ford’s events involves Randa Abdel-Fattah, a writer who shared a link to the leaked WhatsApp details last Friday, alongside author Matt Chun and activist Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg.

    The Australian revealed how Chun and Ms Tuet-Rosenberg, alongside Zee Mazloum, were prolific sharers of the leaked ­details, with a history of anti-­Israel social media posts.

    Hilma’s Network executive ­director Charlotte Mortlock told The Australian she had unsuccessfully reached out to the event to connect it with “balanced” speakers.

    “I attempted to be constructive … offering to connect them with women who would provide balance on their panels,” she said, ­accusing the Opera House of “silencing” centre-right women.

    “If a radical individual wanted to host a private event that is biased, that’s not my business … (but) an event like this should be promoting and supportive of all women, not just women with a certain ideology.”

    A petition calling for the Opera House to take “measures” that “addressed” Ford’s doxxing involvement has reached almost 6000 signatures.

    Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Daniel Aghion said it was “baffling” that someone who had caused “harm to fellow Australians” was ­appearing at one of the nation’s “most prestigious forums”.

    A Sydney Opera House spokeswoman said Ford had been a festival contributor for more than a decade, and had co-curated three events this year, not including her own performance.

    She said the festival was “wholly funded” by the Opera House and that artists’ pay was “commercial-in-confidence”.

    “Talks and ideas festivals are intended to generate thought, discussion and debate … we understand that not all views, perspectives or sessions will ­appeal to everyone,” she said.

    “Speakers and attendees have represented a broad diversity of thought, religions, ethnicities, ages, genders and experiences.”

  5. Muddy Avatar

    Following on from Dot’s earlier link to a now-removed [from it’s original creator] Youtube documentary about organised crime running NSW:

    statement from friendlyjordies

    [Just over 3 minutes in length, though it will not make sense unless you’ve seen what Dot linked to].

  6. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer

    H B Bear

    Feb 15, 2024 8:49 PM

    On the sudden excess demand for rentals.

    Net immigration of 600k pa isn’t helping.

    Yes, true.
    I was thinking pacifically about JC’s observations.
    We all know he gets a nosebleed if he strays outside postcodes which aren’t in the low 31xx range.
    Not really 7/11 petrol thief territory.

  7. Crossie Avatar

    Feb 15, 2024 9:20 PM
    I have a personal stake in this debate as my grandson is in the navy

    It is a pissing contest.

    Not wanting one’s children and grandchildren to be abused is now a pissing contest. Yeah, I see where you are coming from.

  8. Dot Avatar

    Released on the day that Kristina Keneally’s police officer son, who fabricated evidence to try to frame a critic of the police, is sentenced to ZERO days in jail. And in the shadow of the high-level officer who got drunk in a police car, crashed it in a motorway tunnel and ditched it. The police successfully told the judge that WE should go to jail if we publicly say that officer’s name. The police have an internal crime problem and they successfully prevent any of the “bad apples” from facing any consequences. It’s not just that the cops won’t go after the criminals, the cops ARE the criminals.

    I also noticed, along with a builder now accused of murder in QLD, Paul Younan, early in the video; the street level thugs make reference to a “sarge” (?) in another car…did I hear that correctly?

    Hell. Maybe NSW is back to its “glory” days competing against the Rum Corps, QLD and VIC in a points based corruption competition.

  9. 132andBush Avatar

    Not wanting one’s children and grandchildren to be abused is now a pissing contest. Yeah, I see where you are coming from.

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last four or so years.

  10. Crossie Avatar

    She said the festival was “wholly funded” by the Opera House and that artists’ pay was “commercial-in-confidence”.

    “Speakers and attendees have represented a broad diversity of thought, religions, ethnicities, ages, genders and experiences.”

    Actually it represent a very narrow range of thought, all other categories are irrelevant in that regard. It is all woke and no other ideas are allowed to intrude or penetrate their consciousness.

  11. Crossie Avatar

    Feb 15, 2024 10:03 PM
    Not wanting one’s children and grandchildren to be abused is now a pissing contest. Yeah, I see where you are coming from.

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last four or so years.

    I have but you are comparing apples to oranges. The last four years of COVID terror was inflicted on all of us for what we didn’t do and some of us refused to do while the defence forces are monstered for doing what they have been directed to do.

  12. 132andBush Avatar

    That’s not what I was referring to.

    Forget it.

  13. chrisl Avatar

    The problem with superannuation vs rental properties is that the superannuation account starts at zero. At 10% of your wage it takes a long , long time to accrue much value and get the value of compounding interest. The rental starts compounding at the purchase price. Of course it is not as simple as that , there are many other factors involved.
    Tradies tend to like investment properties because they can fix them up or know somebody who can .
    Pretty hard to renovate a super account

  14. Zafiro Avatar

    I got a new job at a Pub in Geelong West but I have lost my shit and cant do it. Suburb is full of tattooed Brunswick types now. I cannot stomach it.

    Gonna stick to South suburbs of Geelong and Torquay. Like good old days. My sister told me this..

  15. Harlequin Decline Avatar
    Harlequin Decline

    I think the way BRS has been treated is outrageous, how can a civil court in Australia possibly adjudicate on such matters.

    My suggestion would be that breaches of the ROE must be dealt with as per martial law contemporaneously.

    If they are not and for whatever reason a case comes to light back in Oz then the highest ranking officer in the line of command should be the one who has to answer for it via a civil trial. Specifically including the question why it wasn’t dealt with at the time?

    This would cause those up the chain to either defend the claim or chuck someone under the bus. Either way having their name implicated would give them pause for thought and, in due course force almost all matters to be dealt with in the field at the time.

    At the moment it’s only the poor bastard at the end of the line doing the dirty work who gets in the shit.

  16. Salvatore, Iron Publican Avatar
    Salvatore, Iron Publican

    Zafiro Feb 15, 2024 10:44 PM

    Please, for the benefit of those among us who reside in the lesser 6 states, what is a “tattooed Brunswick type”?

  17. Zafiro Avatar


    Brunswick in Melbourne. Hipster central

  18. Salvatore, Iron Publican Avatar
    Salvatore, Iron Publican

    Hmm… a google search helps me with “hipster”.
    Thank you Zafiro.

    Haven’t ever seen a hipster in real life. They don’t inhabit anywhere I’ve ever lived.
    Trying to imagine what they must be like.

  19. Zafiro Avatar

    Get on some Ket with old head chef Brad and his parents and brothers in Jan Juc.? F Yeah

    Get on with these tattooed Geelong West hipsters? Not a chance.

  20. Digger Avatar

    We need to get smart. Fast.
    Or else we could easily blow 2024.

    This is year 254 of the Republic and in all that time the Republicans have only ever got smart after the fact, if ever. Not a chance in hell in 2024. The current Democrats are the worst bunch of politicians in a lifetime but they are still factors smarter, shrewder and more politically savvy than the Republicans will ever be…

  21. Zafiro Avatar

    Ketamine is a cool drug. I heard that shrinks are prescribing it for depression patients now Low dosage.. What Brad lined up was probably a tad much.

    It makes you feel super positive in the scone. Without mania etc. also chilled. Gret drug..

  22. Winston Smith Avatar


    Feb 15, 2024 9:31 PM
    You have the date you posted that sludge. If you want to URL, as I said, you have to say please.
    Now go troll someone else.

    So your claim of what I said isn’t able to be backed up?
    You have the link, paste it.
    What are you trying to hide, shitforbrains?

  23. JC Avatar

    Interesting. Excerpt from the Economist. I ignore its political slant, but it offers some good information at times and pretty decent when the subject matter isn’t doesn’t veer towards TDS.

    EVs sales were higher in 23 than in the previous year. By how much? Read on.

    Start with the EV market. It is clearly still growing: 14m EVs were sold worldwide in 2023, a 35% increase on the previous year. But how fast will it continue to grow? Both new and used EVs are sitting in American dealerships for longer than their petrol-powered rivals. Volkswagen, a German automaker, reports that EVs made up 8-10% of sales in 2023, down from 11% the year before. Ford and GM are among the carmakers to have delayed EV- and battery-plant construction over the past year. Wariness about the sector is dragging on the share price of Tesla, the market leader, which is down by 26% this year. And will evs still need the same battery materials? New sodium-ion batteries require neither nickel nor lithium. If they begin to supersede existing types, demand for the metals will plummet.

    Political considerations are also increasingly difficult to track, since the direction of travel is no longer one-way. Politicians across the rich world have started to worry about the costs involved in the energy transition. In September Britain delayed a ban on internal-combustion engines. Ahead of elections to the European Parliament in June, the draft manifesto of the centre-right European People’s Party now opposes an outright ban on such engines. Are these just cosmetic changes or the start of a deeper shift in green policies? Commodity investors need an answer.

    70 million new cars were sold around the world in 22. Assuming roughly the same number in 23 that means 20% of the car market. Sounds high, but there it is.

  24. Kneel Avatar

    “Aha, an easy diagnosis then!”

    Yes, Ed Zachary syndrome – face look ed zachary like arse!

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