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There is a dam of perhaps 1,000 projects waiting to burst upon us, now that fast track processing is coming in, and as soon as the Capacity Investment Scheme, CIS, payments are sorted out, and if the investment case still holds up in the face of cannibalisation from rooftop solar and increased likelihood of nuclear.

First, from Cairns News



unstated Greater Gippsland Offshore transmission on land

unstated Liverpool Range Wind Farm modifications

19/4/24 IPCN Dubbo Firming Power 

26/4/24 Punchs Creek Solar

26/4/24  Gelliondale Wind Farm

30/4/24 Smart Meter Rollout

3/5/24   AEMO’s Draft ISP

14/5/24 Climate Change Authority recommendations

4/6/24   Victorian Transmission vegetation removal 


unstated Whaleback Ridge Wind, Zeehan, TAS HUGE

unstated S.A. ElectraNet’s Network Transition Strategy

15/4/24 S.A. Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act

22/4/24 EPA Victorian Survey

26/4/24 QLD Hydro Community Benefits Program

26/4/24 Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro

30/4/24 VicGrid Offshore to Latrobe Transmission

  3/5/24 Bunbury offshore

15/5/24 South West REZ

unknown if submissions taken Greater Gippsland Offshore transmission on land.

Release by Vic Govt of Options Assessment Report. 12 potential transmission corridors and eight transmission technologies. Preferred Giffard to Loy Yang.

unstated submission date listed 6 Mar Whaleback Ridge Wind, Zeehan, TAS, GIGANTIC 500Turbines 3GW

unstated submission date, listed 22/3/24

S.A. ElectraNet’s Network Transition Strategy,

unstated if submissions even accepted Liverpool Range Wind Farm modifications, Gulgong, 52,000 Ha, a smaller number of larger turbines, and change to layout. 220 turbines, tip height 250M, 90 site access roads, 14 monitoring masts at hub height

15/4/24 S.A. Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act – Draft Regulations

Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act

 19/4/24 IPCN Dubbo Firming Power Information  Submissions

26/4/24 Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydrodetails and have your say and

26/4/24 Queensland Hydro is currently accepting community feedback on our draft Community Benefits Framework approach

Community Benefits Program – Queensland HydroOur vision is to deliver enduring legacies for our communities via our Community Benefits Framework. Have your say today.

26/4/24 Gelliondale Wind Farm, application for a Ministerial Permit

Submissions to [email protected] <[email protected]>

26/4/24 Punchs Creek Solar, Toowoomba/Millmerran, 800MW, BESS 250MW/?hr

29/4/24 IPCN Dubbo Firming Power Information  Submissions

30/4/24VicGrid Offshore to Latrobe Transmission

30/4/24 Smart Meter Rollout

3/5/24 Bunbury offshore,Indian Ocean

3/5/24 AEMO’s Draft ISP Submissions [email protected]

14/5/24 Climate Change Authority

2024 Issues paper: Targets, Pathways and ProgressThe Climate Change Authority is preparing advice for the government on Australia’s emissions reduction targets, sectoral pathways and progress towards becoming a net zero economy.

15/5/24 South West REZ

4/6/24 Victorian Transmission Plan Vegetation removal  Vic Ministerial permit register – PA2402854

Developing the first Victorian Transmission PlanHelp us plan Victoria’s future reliable, affordable and renewable energy




The Marinus Link financing. $5.1 billion project. 80:20 debt to equity. New ownership. Federal 49 per cent Tasmania 17.7  Victoria. 

THREE -NSW project pipeline

Kayuga Solar Farm – Request for SEARs 

Mallee Solar Farm – Request for SEARs 

Pottinger Wind Farm – SEARS Issued 

Cobar Wind Farm – SEARS Issued

Myrtle Creek Solar Farm – SEARS Issued

Request for more information peninsula-solar-farm

Sandy Creek Solar increased from 750MW to 840MW and has a 3,000?MWhr BESS

FOUR – Victorian project pipeline

The Victorian Government has announced that renewable energy projects will now be eligible for an accelerated planning pathway under the Development Facilitation Program (DFP).

FIVE – Queensland project pipeline

  1. Capricornia Energy Hub, Mackay, updated 
  2. REZ Roadmap Govt. site REZ Roadmap <[email protected]>


  1. 3. Steven Nowakowski, 8/4/24, list of North Queensland renewables which he  found by searching “code accessible” at local council.”State Code 23″ at State, EPBC at Federal levels, and on proponent  websites such as Squadron, Neoen, DP Energy, Tag Energy, Project D, etc


EPBC announce upgrades to these projects, but it is very hard to discern what the changes are.

Tarong West Wind Farm

North East Wind

Liverpool Range Wind Farm

Central-West Orana REZ

Gundary Solar Farm

Capricornia Energy Hub


This may shift over time because solar jobs are largely temporary jobs in the installation sector, but as it currently stands, the energy return on each person employed is the lowest for oil-peaking plants, solar, and wind generation.


Chalumbin, great new video 5min

Chalumbin – Too sacred to desecrateThe Chalumbin (Wooroora Station Wind Farm) does not have consent. Now is the time for Tanya Plibersek to use her powers to knock it out. Industrialisation of our precious high elevation forests of north Queensland for industrial ‘renewables’ does not pass the pub


Tanya Plibersek’s Nature Positive Laws, 1,000 pages, Robert Plants 2min video



How to make Money Out of Battery Storage, Giles Parkinson, 1hour Recorded 10/4/24.


France-based Neoen, Spanish energy giant Iberdrola, and Tesla have asked for changes t


VNI West preferred route

ENDS 13/4/24

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April 13, 2024 4:33 pm

Would be nice if it were “projects imploding”.

April 13, 2024 5:49 pm

This inspires me to double down on precious metals.

April 13, 2024 8:00 pm

Look at all that infrastraucture, unguarded, unsecured, and unwanted.
I hope they have good insurance on it because the Greens are not happy about their birds being killed by the ecocrucifixes.

April 13, 2024 10:50 pm

Noted Rafe

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