Bumtree #25

by Seething

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Carpe Jugulum
Carpe Jugulum
June 4, 2024 5:25 pm

Well Done

Bruce of Newcastle
Bruce of Newcastle
June 5, 2024 7:49 am

Ah, that explains this story:

‘It’s a scam’: British expat baffles with bizarre claim after not sighting a single Koala in six months living down under (Sky News, 4 Jun)

A British expat has bizarrely accused Australia of “scamming” its travellers after she had not seen a single wild koala since moving down under six months ago.

Ella Wilson, 21, was hiking in Tewantin National Park in Queensland last month when made the wild claim in a video uploaded to social media platform TikTok and it has since gone viral.

The holidaymaker expressed outrage she had not seen the native Australian icon after she was advised the Sunshine Coast’s hiking location was home to 300 koalas.  

Of course she didn’t see a koala…they’ve gone on strike in solidarity with the Wombat Union.

June 5, 2024 7:52 am

I may have missed it over the years, but I can’t recall a discussion on the Cat regarding the culpability of Julian Assange. I raise this because the Australian Spectator has an article defending Assange while claiming that conservatives are divided on this issue.

  1. The advantages of federation at work here. You won’t get a Federal (or Cth) lawsuit against Pfizer anytime soon.

  2. Seeds of hate sown with renewables. I can assure the blog that the few who sign up for renewables end…

  3. The Greens have screamed for years that the loss of environment should be given a value but have now fallen…

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x