Author: Mater

  • Mater’s Musings #3: “I see dead people!”…or do I?

    Yes, “subject to retrospective revision”. I get that. I can even forgive the 25 death adjustment for the 31 Aug-13 Sep period…just. I’m a forgiving bloke, after all. But that still leaves an adjustment of 128 fatalities, without explanation. That’s a lot of deaths, and a very significant adjustment. This is not a patient or…

  • Mater’s Musings #2: Why is it so?

    In line with the graph above, my figures say that the proportion of Covid cases admitted to ICUs halved between the 1st and 2nd ‘waves’. Vaccination? Nah, not even Trump worked that fast. Overwhelmed? Hardly! Guesses as to why, are now being collated. I’m open to all suggestions (except those involving nanobots).