16 July 1945 – The Day the A-Bomb Stopped the War in Europe

After being repeatedly told that the Left is neither Imperialists nor Nationalists, it is always interesting to read the details of “the Great Patriotic War that saved the Motherland”.

From Chapter 49 of Antony Beevor’s book, ‘The Second World War’:

“It must be very pleasant for you,” Harriman said, making conversation [at the Potsdam Conference] “to be in Berlin after all your country has suffered.” 

The Soviet leader eyed him.  “Tsar Aleksandr went all the way to Paris”, he replied.

This was not entirely a joke.

A meeting of the Politburo in 1944 had decided to order the Stavka to plan for the invasion of France and Italy, as General Shtemenko later told Beria’s son. The Red Army offensive was to be combined with a seizure of power by the local Communist Parties. 

In addition, Shtemenko explained, a landing in Norway was provided for, as well as the seizure of the straits with Denmark.  A substantial budget was allocated for the realisation of these plans.  It was expected that the Americans would abandon a Europe fallen into chaos, while Britain and France would be paralysed by their colonial problems.  The Soviet Union possessed 400 experienced divisions, ready to bound forward like tigers.  It was calculated that the whole operation would take no more than a month.

All these plans were aborted when Stalin learned, from Beria [via his spies within the Manhattan Project], that the Americans had the atom bomb and were putting it into mass production. Stalin apparently told Beria that, “If Roosevelt had still been alive, we would have succeeded”.

This passage says much about the Left, nuclear deterrence, and adds countless saved lives to the argument that constantly surrounds the nuclear program. Tangentially, it’s none too complimentary of Roosevelt…but that’s for another post.

Mater’s Musings #49: Hmm…ok…okey dokey.

Ok, let’s see if I understand the basic premise of this Government video.

In its drive to eradicate discrimination and bias from its hiring practices, the Federal Government undertakes a trial of a recruiting process designed to remove it.

The trial does indeed identify discrimination and bias in the public service hiring practices, just not the ‘incorrect’ type.

In a response to the unexpected result, the government cancels a plan to instigate this anti-discrimination process, warning everyone that it might actually remove discrimination (the ‘correct’ type).

In a final master stroke of double speak, despite finding reverse discrimination, the government assures us that we are still guilty of the ‘wrong’ sort of discrimination, they just haven’t found it…yet!

Be assured though, they’ll keep looking for the problem that results in their predetermined ‘correct’ answer.

The only surprising aspect of this whole thing is that it was authored in 2016, not 1984.

The whole report:


Mater’s Mischief #6: This raises some interesting questions

Location: Central Canberra
  1. Will they be checking Vaccination Certificates?
  2. Will there be density limits (apart from between their ears)?
  3. Will it be considered ‘essential’ and be allowed to proceed amidst any Covid restrictions?
  4. Will Dan be the keynote speaker (with so many contenders to choose from in Victoria)?
  5. If so, will he make it up the stairs to the lectern, without incident?

What is not in question is their ability to find an empty venue in Melbourne to host it.

There’ll be no threats to venue management, and who else would risk organising anything in advance in Melbourne.

Mater’s Mischief #5: Our next American President/Prime Minister?

All the recent talk around our beloved national ‘Tory Fighter‘ (and opposition leader), brought to mind one of my favourite episodes in his acting career.

Of course, he’s not the only current high flying politician in the ‘Progressive Actors Guild’. Don’t worry if you don’t know who the other is, he often goes by his preferred screen name…Brandon.

Watch to the end, the lead story is far from the best.

They tell me that shared interests are good amongst politicians, it helps them find common ground. It should make for a great ice breaker at the next G20.

It’d be ok, if only they’d plagiarise a politician with a clue.

Mater’s Musings #48: YOUR risk of dying from Covid-19 – Part 2

Ok, due to the interest generated from my post yesterday, and the efforts to quantify the ACTUAL risk versus government propaganda, I took a path that is usually an enigma to my professionalism. I extrapolated off some grainy, low fidelity screenshots of government graphs which I found on the two relevant infographics (found here). I then used the age group percentage and applied it to the total Victorian case figure provided (18,628) to produce a rough number of cases per age group.

This is all pretty imprecise and, quite frankly, is an insult to my fastidious nature, but it does give a reasonable indication in terms of order of magnitude.

The claim (again):

Sources: Australian Academy of Science

The results from the very rough extrapolation of screenshots for the period 9 Jun-18 Oct 20, in Victoria:

So, as you can see, you need to be 70+ to be within cooee of the government provided figure. In fact, the figures for those below 50 years old show the government figure to be farcical.

The observant types will notice that they significantly understated the risk for those 70+ years of age…the very demographic which they SHOULD have been targeting, but given that the claim was published sometime after Aug 2021, it’s clear they were trying to scare the unvaccinated, younger demographic.

This is upside-down world stuff. Not what I’d expect from a responsible government.

Mater’s Musings #47: YOUR risk of dying from Covid-19

In its push to get you vaccinated, here we have the Federal Health Department giving YOU a definitive answer on what YOUR risk of dying from Covid-19 is:

Source: Australian Government – Department of Health (AZ Propaganda Webpage)

Where do they get that figure from, I hear you ask. Well, when you follow the link they provide, it takes you to the website of an organisation called the ‘Australian Academy of Science’. Take note that they have science in their title, as I’ll loop back to that in a bit.

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