Meme of the Day #62

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  1. rickw Avatar

    Spot on!

  2. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    All those poor fact-checkers and misinformation censors who’ve been sacked at Twitter!
    I’d weep for them, except their outraged screeching is putting me off.

  3. Big_Nambas Avatar

    Top meme. says everything you need to know about woke.

  4. Louis Litt Avatar

    Pa – the student union – I stil lcant get over tahn and the Labur party put forward people like Gillard, Wong , albenese, Garrett – Albo is low case to indice a Catholic

  5. NFA Avatar

    A ‘pearler’.

    Thanks Mater

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Don Draper, 50’s and 60’s advertising Guru from Mad Men. Never without a drink in his hand and a new meme to spin. Well chosen for this meme too.

  7. Smither Avatar

    And men who believe in an afterlife for some reason have an issue with men who believe they can get pregnant.
    Fun times.

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