22 thoughts on “Mater’s Musings #62: “Real-life skills” indeed”

  1. I didn’t download the course guide. They wanted too much information about me. Must be a secret. However I did glean this:

    Reflect critically on climate policy issues and practical challenges in diverse contexts.

    No need for an expensive course. Dover should hand out “certificates” after a month at the Cat where we do plenty of critical reflection and discuss practical challenges from our many diverse contexts.

    Oh. That’s right. We are barking for the wrong side of the issue. Silly me.

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  2. Reflect critically on climate policy issues and practical challenges in diverse contexts


    each course is about $4500
    so spend a paltry $50k for a Grad Cert and you’ll deffo be able to pick winners and shut everybody else up

    The course comprises 10 subjects
    to graduate you will undertake all compulsory units and any 6 of the 8 core subjects

    Compulsory core:
    – Pejoratives 101
    – Super Glue for beginners
    – Inter-sectional Gibber for beginners
    – Advanced Gibber for policy makers

    – Economic Perspectives: When is a market not a market?
    – Mech Eng: The corrected science of perpetual motion and why Bernoulli was a wanker
    – Stochastic Principals : yes, you read it properly … or, how to be right all the time
    – Resource Justice: Why water is a finite resource but stupidity is infinite
    – Climate Jurisprudence: how to deal with denialists and would gulags be faster than carrots and sticks
    – Political and Institutional Architecture: novel ways tor burden an economy and profit at the same time
    – Environmental Religiosity: we’re on a mission from Gaia
    – Food Security: humane methods of starving the bastards into compliance

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  3. I wonder if the kids from XR have the attention span to complete a university course, even one as soft as this, though it assumes a prior degree.

    This one is for the more committed devotees who wish to become advisers to politicians and inflict some real damage on human beings rather than the artifacts of a culture they are incapable of appreciating.

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  4. From the memory hole:

    “Remember, remember,
    The Fifth of November.
    Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!”

    The question remains:

    “Was Guido Fawkes the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions?”

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  5. You can’t help but pity these poor staggeringly ignorant illiterate innumerate ahistorical anti scientific fact and evidence free imbeciles.

    I certainly don’t.

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